Plan ahead to avoid your unemployment running out

The Department of Labor recognizes that losing your job is stressful and looking for work takes time and dedication. We want you to take advantage of all of the resources available to you while you are collecting unemployment to help you connect with employers, revamp your resume, search for work or retrain for a new career.

Our goal is to help you get back to work in a good paying job as soon as possible. Research shows that the longer you remain on unemployment, the harder it is to get hired. If you need to talk to someone about your options while you are on unemployment, contact your local CareerCenter.

Register for the Maine Job Bank

If you are living in Maine, you need to be registered with the Maine Job Bank to collect unemployment or, if you are living in another state, with the Job Bank of that state. From a CareerCenter computer, a computer at a local library, or your home computer, you can register with Maine's Job Bank, create a profile, and get matched with current and future job opportunities.

Jumpstart Your Job Search at the CareerCenter

The CareerCenter can help you find a job or access training. Use free computers in their information center or take part in a workshop. All CareerCenter services are offered at no charge. Maine's CareerCenter website has comprehensive information on resources to help you find training and identify financial resources to make your plan possible.

Need Additional Assistance? Use the Maine Benefits Checklist

Find other programs to help laid-off workers. The Maine Benefits Checklist is a guide from Pine Tree Legal Services that can help you understand the programs that are available and how you can apply. View the Maine Benefits Checklist online here.

Check Back with Unemployment

Verify whether any unemployment benefits are available to you through a new benefit year or because you are participating in qualified training. Call the unemployment claims center and ask them to check and see if you have any benefits left.

Out of Work for Six Months or Longer?

The Department of Labor is offering special training programs for those who have been out of work for at least 26 weeks. Our goal is to train our long-term unemployed citizens for new careers in industries that are hiring. Contact your local CareerCenter to find out if you qualify.