Public Sector Workplace Safety & Health

The Maine Department of Labor enforces occupational safety and health regulations in public sector workplaces, including: state, county and municipal workplaces; public schools, colleges and universities; and quasi-government agencies such as water districts.

Safety and Health Standards

Public safety and health rules are developed by the Maine Board of Occupational Safety and Health. They generally follow but are not necessarily identical to OSHA regulations covering private sector employers.


The Maine Department of Labor conducts workplace inspections of public sector worksites. Under state law, Maine Department of Labor Public Sector Enforcement Officers may enter a workplace to examine conditions that may affect the safety or health of employees.

Emergency Notification - (207) 592-4501

Public sector employers are required to report all work related fatalities, or injuries or illnesses where one or more public sector employees is admitted to a medical facility overnight.

All incidents should be reported as soon as possible to the Maine Department of Labor at (207) 592-4501 or At a minimum, all fatalities must be reported within 8 hours, and hospitalizations must be reported within 24 hours.

Public Notice and Complaints

Public sector employers must post information about the safety rights of employees. Any public sector employee who believes there is a safety violation in the workplace may request a compliance inspection by sending in a complaint form or calling Public Sector Enforcement at 207-623-7900 or TTY: Maine relay 711.

No cost Consultation Services

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Safety Laws and Regulations


Model Plans and Checklists