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Elections and politics
Foreign & international law
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Copyright & Fair Use  - Stanford University Libraries' page containing links categorized under the headings: Primary materials; Current legislation; cases and issues; Internet resources, and; Overview of copyright law.

Copyright Clearance Center
- The Center's description of copyright basics, plus link to its home page.

Crash Course In Copyright
  -  A straightforward discussion and tutorial on fair use and digital or multimedia resources. Since it's created by the University of Texas it is tailored towards the academic environment but is still informative for others.

U.S. Copyright Office  - Searchable copyright databases, (1978+),  links to publications, copyright basics and FAQS, information on registration, law and policy, and related links to information on patents and trademarks.
When Works Pass Into the Public Domain - A very useful table created by Lolly Gasaway of the University of North Carolina.

ADA Home Page - The Justice Department's homepage for the Americans With Disabilities Act, listing federal resources and publications, including assistance and compliance manuals and guides.

Disability Law - An overview of disability law as well as links to relevant sections in the US Code and Federal Register, recent judicial decisions, state materials and other key internet sources.

Education Commission of the States - Education issues, publications and news from a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization involving key leaders from all levels of the education system

Education links (Maine Dept. of Educ.) - Selections of links to of interest to students, families, educators and administrators.

Education Week Online - Daily education news, hot topics and special reports, plus archived articles.

Home School Page - The Dept. of Education pulls together the laws, resources, and other information on equivalent instruction programs (home schooling).

Maine School Management Association - Also provides access to the Maine School Superintendents Association and the Maine School Boards Association.

Elections and politics
Campaign Finance (Brookings Institute) - Web resources, news headlines, events and PDF publications, as well as an optional listserv to receive email alerts of developments in campaign finance.

Campaign Finance Institute - State and federal law and recent and historical statistics.

Century Foundation : Election Reform - News and press releases, task forces, reports and related links.

Common Cause - News,  campaign finance studies and a searchable database of special interest soft money contributions to the Democratic and Republican national party committees.

Fair Vote: Center for Voting and Democracy - News, voting rights, redistricting and reform articles on proportional representation and instant runoff voting.

Federal Election Commission - News, candidate and PAC/Party Summaries, campaign finance reports and data, forms and filing information, campaign finance law and information on elections and voting.

Follow The Money - An independent source of information on campaign contributions in state politics for reporters, researchers and the general public from the National Institute on Money In State Politics.

Maine Elections (Sec. of State) - Current Maine elections information, including prior election tabulations back to 1992. For people's votes on initiatives, referenda and constitutional amendments, please see the Bills and Constitution sections on the Law Library's Maine Law and Legislation webpage. 

On the Issues : Every Political  Leader On Every Issue - Information on major policy issues by state and federal leaders and candidates.

Open : Center For Responsive Politics - A guide to the money in U.S. elections, including news and issues, most expensive races, campaign finance law and contribution limits. Searchable by donor name.

Project Vote Smart - Comprehensive, non-partisan information on candidates and issues.

U.S. Electoral College - A National Archives site which includes information on how the Electoral College works, how to find electoral votes by state since our first President, FAQs and more elction resources.
Foreign and international Law
The Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL) - An open database of authenticated primary and other international law materials developed, with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, by the American Society of International Law (ASIL). Divided by topics and includes simple and advanced search features.

Embassy World - A searchable database of all the embassies and consulates within the U.S. and in other countries.

Foreign and International Law (WashLaw) - Primary foreign and international legal resources, research aids, and sites useful in conducting research in these areas of the law.

Foreign Consular Offices in the U.S. - Links to a complete and official listing of the foreign consular offices in the United States, and recognized consular officers. Compiled by the U.S. Department of State.

Hague Conference on Private International Law
- Search conventions and treaties to find tables of their current ratification status.

International Resources by Country (FindLaw)

Nations of The World (Library of Congress)

Treaties - Thomas provides search capabilities of treaties approved by the Senate dating back to the 90th Congress.

Treaties In Force (TIF) - U.S. State Department's listing of treaties and other agreements, to which the United Stated governemnt is a party, which are in force.

United Nations Treaty Collection 

Foreign and international law -- Canada
Best Guide to Canadian Legal Research - Legal web resources, guides and research tips.

Canadian Department of Justice - Federal, provincial and territorial law, including statutes, case law, regulations and constitution.

Canadian Legal Information Institute (CANLII) - Access to court judgments, tribunal decisions, statutes and regulations from all Canadian jurisdictions.

Doing Legal Research in Canada ( - A research guide written by Ted Tjaden. Includes active links to resources.

Topic trackers - Track federal legislative developments.  RSS feeds available.

Legisbrief Index - Index to issue briefs published by the National Conference of State Legislatures created by the Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library and updated as issues are received.
Policy Issues (NCSL) - Search by broad topic areas to locate articles, publications, news. Issues Library - A broad range of information and policy issues, organized into topics and sub-topics. - State, 50-state, or regional lists and comparisons of statistics on a wide variety of subjects.

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