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LD/Chapter Cross-Reference Tables   

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1965-1966 (102nd)
1967-1968 (103rd)
1969-1970 (104th)
1971-1972 (105th)
1973-1974 (106th)
1975-1976 (107th)
1977-1978 (108th)
1979-1980 (109th)
1981-1982 (110th)
1983-1984 (111th)
1985-1986 (112th)

You'd really like to look up the text of a legislative document (a bill) but you don't know its LD number?  If you know its Public Law, Private and Special Law, Resolve, or Constitutional Resolution chapter number you can search it in the appropriate session listed at the left of this page. 

In addition to finding out what the LD number is, you can use the PDF tables in many cases to identify any amendments that might have been enacted along with the bill, as well as any other drafts that were considered. This additional information was not researched for all of the Special Sessions and the data will show "Not researched" where applicable. Elsewhere a blank space denotes that no amendment or other draft exists.
For years after 1986, you can find some of this information in Bill Tracker or LawMaker.

Search tip:
To jump to where the number you are searching appears within the PDF document, enter the number in the "Find" search box on the browser's toolbar (or press the CTL and F keys simultaneously to get to a find search box). Since the same number can appear in any of the columns (Other draft, Enacted LD, Amendments, or Chapter) and sections of law type (Public, P&S, Resolve), be careful that you have located the appropriate one.

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