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Publications : Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library

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These titles of web-available publications are produced by the various offices of the Maine Legislature 


The Library regularly updates a listing of selected new items added to its collection. 


A list of public hearings to be held by the Joint Standing Committees on specific pieces of legislation. 

Bill Summaries

Summaries of bills referred to the Joint Standing Committees. Information includes primary sponsor, amendments, and final action. The Office of Fiscal and Program Review prepares summaries for the Appropriations and Taxation committees. The Office of Policy and Legal Analysis prepares summaries for all other committees.
Policy and Legal Analysis Bill Summaries (1996- )
Fiscal and Program Review Bill Summaries (1998- ) 


Maine bills are called Legislative Documents ("LDs").The following "LD List" links are to Bill Directories that are arranged in straight LD numerical order. Lists of Orders and Resolutions are available on each of these pages as well. The numerical session links are to the online bill status database for the 121st session forward.

Bills from the current session are always available as a quick LD number search on the Legislature's home page.

Compendium of State
Fiscal Information

Yearly financial publications prepared by The Office of Fiscal and Program Review. Click on "Compendium" in the Publications column. (Additional OFPR documents are available here as well. 

Enacted Law Digest

At the end of each legislative session, the Office of Policy and Legal Analysis and the Office of Fiscal and Program Review produces a summary of public laws, private and special laws, resolves and certain joint orders that were enacted or passed by the Legislature

History and Final Disposition
The History and Final Disposition gives the final status of all Legislative Documents. Includes sponsor and  committee names, as well as identifies any adopted amendments to the original bill or new drafts. Published by the Legislative Information Office. Available from 1997 on, except for 2001-2002, which is not available electronically.


Laws of Maine 

Session laws enacted as either Public Laws, Private and Special
Directories (1997 -  )
Text search (1997 -  )
List of Titles & Sections affected (2009)


Legisbrief Cumulative Index

The Library compiles a cumulative index to NCSL Legisbrief, a series of papers on topics of current legislative interest published by the National Conference of State Legislatures and available at the Library.


Legislative Record
Verbatim transcript of proceedings, floor debate and recorded votes in the House and Senate:
Legislatorís Handbook

The Handbook provides general procedural and administrative information for legislators, including legislative procedures, the budget process, and definitions of legislative terminology.



Library Briefs


A two-page newsletter of the Law and Legislative Reference Librar in PDF format with active internet links. The following issues have been published:

Maine Legislative
Drafting Manual

Guidelines for drafting legislative documents. The Manual is published by the the Office of the Revisor of Statutes. HTML and PDF versions are available at the bottom of this webpage


Maine Revised Statutes

All laws, currently in effect,  which affect all Maine citizens. The statutes are codified under Title and Section numbers. 
Browse Title and Section list.
Search Statutes (Use with caution unless you are sure of the legal terminology used in writing the law. The language may differ greatly from the way people commonly refer to it.)


Maine's Path of Legislation

A step-by-step explanation of the legislative process... or how a bill originates and is enacted into law.


NCSL Legisbrief Index

The Library compiles its own cumulative subject index to the Legisbrief issue papers published by the National Council of State Legislatures. This publication is useful for tracking legislative topics.



Rules of operations and procedures adopted either by the House, the Senate , or jointly.


Study Reports

Legislative study reports prepared by the Office of Policy and Legal Analysis or the Office of Fiscal and Program Review.


Weekly Legislative Calendar

List of meetings of interest to Legislators and members of the public.


Weekly Legislative Report
List of the bills introduced and those measures signed into law each week.




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