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Maine volumes for purchase
Instruction and tours
Lending services
Obtaining items we don't own
Persons with disabilities
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The Library charges nominal fees for photocopies, printed pages, and for various methods of delivery.  Fees and options are as follows:

10 cents per page
Additional charges that apply if staff make the copies for mailing) :
$2 handling charge (as sent to Maine residents), or
$5 handling charge (as sent to nonresidents)

PRINTOUTS (at the public computers)
10 cents per page


Postage costs. We invoice for anything sent first class and for fourth class postage only for mailing photocopies. 

We will bill your account at your request.

In addition to the photocopying charges above, fees are:
50 cents per page (Maine residents)
$1 per page (nonresidents)

Maine volumes for purchase
The Library offers for sale the following titles. Please inquire at 207-287-1600 for current pricing information.

Laws of Maine. The Library offers previous years of the paper volumes. (To be placed on a mailing list for each new paper volume contact the Office of Revisor of Statutes at (207) 287-1650.)

Laws of the State of Maine Cumulative Subject Index and Supplement. The bound volumes cover 1964 to 1988 and 1989-2006.

Legislative Record for the Maine Senate and House of Representatives.

Maine Reports (limited quantities)

Maine Reporter (older volumes only, limited quantities)

To purchase sets or individual volumes of Maine Revised Statutes Annotated or Maine Revised Statutes (Compact Edition), please contact the publisher, Thomson-West, directly (

We also have limited quantities of other legislative publication titles, such as superseded volumes of statutes, reports, legislative registers, and histories and final dispositions of legislative documents. Please inquire by specific title.

Instruction and tours
Library staff, upon request, offer tours and  instructional sessions focused on using topic-specific print and electronic materials, the compilation of legislative histories and the overall legislative process. We also occasionally provide training for new or enhanced electronic services that we subscribe to.

Lending services
Materials are available for loan directly to any resident of Maine. Individuals may request an item via e-mail or by phone (287-1600). We will mail items and a return mailing label to persons who do not live in the Augusta area.  If you live out-of-state and wish to borrow something from us, please see your local librarian to request an ILL transaction. All circulation records are confidential
We lend items and supply photocopies via the interlibrary loan service (ILL) directly to to other libraries in Maine and elsewhere.  Only other librarians may request ILL loans and copies from us.

Certain materials such as reference works, finding aids, newspaper clipping files, committee files, certain warehouse items, most statutes from other states, and current issues of periodicals do not circulate.  Materials which do not circulate are identified in the catalog as Library Use Only (LUO).

The general loan period is three weeks. The loan period for reporters is one week. You may renew an item, if no one else is waiting for it, by phoning 287-1600 and asking for the Circulation Desk. Most materials may be renewed twice. 

If an item you wish to use is out on loan you may reserve it. Upon it's return it will be mailed to you or held one week for pick-up. 
If materials are not returned or renewed within 3 days of the due date, the Library will begin overdue procedures. After two overdue notices, the Library will send a bill for the cost of replacing the material and suspend the patron's borrowing privileges.
Patrons are allowed 30 days to pay any bill. After that time materials are considered lost and replacement processes begin. Patrons receive notification that they must pay an additional processing fee for each lost item and that the Library is suspending the person's privileges to receive photocopies via mail or fax. Once replacement purchases have been made, the patron must pay actual replacement charges and processing fees to reinstate privileges, even if materials are returned.
Patrons will be billed the replacement costs for any substantial damage to a borrowed item.

Obtaining items we don't own
If you have borrowing privileges at our library and wish to borrow an item that we do not own, that  is legal or governmental in scope, there are several avenues for doing so. . .

First is the traditional interlibrary loan approach where you make the request of us. We then locate other libraries who own the desired item and ask them to loan it to us for you to use. You may request interlibrary loans at the reference desk.

If you find an item in the URSUS or Maine InfoNet catalogs that you want to borrow you may request it directly via the online request function built into those systems. The "request" option shows up after you have displayed a record for an individual title. You will need your patron card number in order to make a request. Since we do not issue actual borrowing cards, our Circulation Desk staff can tell you what your number is. 
The time periods for loans and fines for overdue materials borrowed via ILL and the requestor feature will vary according to the policies of the lending libraries.

Persons with disabilities

The Library provides TTY services for the hearing-impaired.  Our TTY number is (207) 287-6431. You may also contact us via e-mail.

Renovations to the Library included the installation of a lift  for accessing periodicals and government documents collections located on the mezzanine. 

Reference services
Reference librarians are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00.  We welcome walk-ins as well as telephone and e-mail requests. (See contact information.)

We are happy to help residents of Maine locate legal or governmental information generally. If you live outside Maine, we will assist you in locating only Maine-related information.
Please note that we are not attorneys and cannot interpret statutes or cases or give legal advice or interpretation of language or comment on the legality of specific situations.


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