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What our users say : Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library

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The following are excepts from responses to requests for reference assistance. We appreciate your time and thoughtfulness in providing such feedback. If there are ways we could improve our service we'd like hear that as well!


"What an amazing service! Thanks so much for your [speedy] help. Fantastic! Please allow me to return the favor some time."
CT law librarian

"You have just done magnificent work here. Thanks very much. I will continue my review of what you have sent, and if I need anything further, I will let you know."
Maine attorney

"Thank you!  That’s exactly the bill I was after....You were the only person who had the tenacity to find the information and your timely response allows us to refer to Maine's legislation before a hearing, today. In these times of dwindling state resources, it seems each new budget eliminates more and more assistance services as cost savings measures.   It’s good to know Maine still supports employees like you who are able to research and provide information like this.  You are a credit to your state. "
NH state agency staff

"I want to let all of the staff know at the Law Reference Library, you are one of the best services in state government. Your efficiency and eye to detail has enabled me to save countless hours in work time around different subjects. Thank you so much again for this information, I am very appreciative of your efforts."
Maine state agency staff

"WOW! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thank you SO very much!!! You have NO idea how much time you've just saved me! "
Out-of-state PhD student

"Good morning and many thanks, again, for the great assistance – much appreciated!
Maine legislative staff

"Yes - this is it! Thank you again for the quick turnaround!"
Maine state agency

"U rock!!"
Maine state agency

"Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!You guys are the best!!"
Law firm librarian

"Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. We appreciate it so much."
Corporate librarian

"I wanted to thank you for your efforts concerning my request for research assistance in relation to legislative history of new divorce law.  Your prompt response was a great help to [the attorney] in formulating a pleading concerning this issue."
Maine paralegal

"Thank you for the call and for this sleuthing! I will review all this great material and let you know if I need anything else. But at first glance, it looks like what I was looking for. Thank YOU for your thorough and quick response!"
Maine legislator

"Thank you so much! You guys are AWESOME! Have a great day and a great weekend!"
Maine resident

"Thank you very much for sending these amendments so quickly and all the help on the phone. I really appreciate it!"
Out-of-state legislative specialist

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