H. P. 1774

Joint Order Creating the Study Committee on Gasoline and Fuel Prices

(Passed in both Houses of the 119th Maine Legislature on April 25, 2000.)

the Senate concurring, that the Committee on Gasoline and Fuel Prices is established as follows.

1. Committee on Gasoline and Fuel Prices established. The Committee on Gasoline and Fuel Prices, referred to in this order as the "committee," is established.

2. Committee membership. The committee consists of 13 legislative members. The President of the Senate shall appoint 3 members from the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives shall appoint 10 members from the House of Representatives.

3. Chairs. The first Senate member named is the Senate chair and the first House member named is the House chair.

4. Appointments; convening. All appointments must be made no later than 30 days following the effective date of this order. The appointing authorities shall notify the Executive Director of the Legislative Council once all appointments have been made. When the appointment of all members has been completed, the chairs of the study commission shall call and convene the first meeting of the study commission no later than June 30, 2000.

5. Duties. The committee shall:

A. Gather information on the change in the prices of fuel oil, diesel fuel, propane, kerosene and natural gas;

B. Gather information on the change in gasoline prices;

C. Study and evaluate the effects and impacts of recent price changes on the people of the State; and

D. Identify and recommend appropriate actions the State may take to minimize the effects of price changes or to minimize future price increases that could be detrimental to businesses or the people of the State.

6. Staff assistance. Upon approval of the Legislative Council, the Office of Policy and Legal Analysis shall provide necessary staffing services to the committee.

7. Compensation. Members of the committee are entitled to receive the legislative per diem as defined in the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 3, section 2 and reimbursement for travel and other necessary expenses for attendance at meetings of the committee.

8. Report. The committee shall submit a report along with any recommended legislation to the Joint Standing Committee on Transportation no later than November 1, 2000. If the committee requires a limited extension of time to make its report, it may apply to the Legislative Council, which may grant the extension. The joint standing committee of the Legislature having jurisdiction over transportation matters may introduce legislation during the First Regular Session of the 120th Legislature.

9. Committee budget. The chairs of the committee, with assistance from the committee staff, shall administer the committee budget. Within 10 days after its first meeting, the committee shall present a work plan and proposed budget to the Legislative Council for its approval. The committee may not incur expenses that would result in the committee's exceeding its approved budget. Upon request from the committee, the Executive Director of the Legislative Council or the executive director's designee shall provide the committee chairs and staff with a status report on the committee budget, expenditures incurred and paid and available funds.


This amendment replaces the joint order. The amendment clarifies that all appointments must be made within 30 days after passage of the joint study order and that the first meeting must be held no later than June 30, 2000. The amendment also clarifies the duties of the committee.