Health Care System and Health Security Board





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Appointment(s) by the President

  • Sen. John L. Martin, Chair
  • Sen. Richard Rosen
  • Robert Downs, Representing Statewide Organizations of Health Insurers
  • Tammy Greaton, Representing Statewide Organization Advocating Universal Health Care
  • Hilary Schneider, Representing Health Care Economists (resigned as of Jan 2003)
  • Marjorie Medd, Representing Statewide Organizations Defending Rights of Children
  • Vacant, Representing Small Hospitals in the State
  • Vacant, Representing Statewide Organizations of Physicians

Appointment(s) by the Speaker

  • Rep. Marilyn Canavan, Chair
  • Rep. John Brantigam
  • James Amaral, Representing the Business Community
  • Vacant, President Representing Large Hospitals in the State
  • John Moran, Representing Statewide Senior Citizen's Organizations
  • Frank O'Hara, Representing Self-employed
  • Patricia Philbrook, Representing Statewide Organization of Nurses
  • Violet Raymond, Representing Statewide Labor Organizations, Maine AFLCIO
  • Paul Volenik, Representing the Public

Statutory Member

  • Frank A. Johnson, Executive Director Executive Director, State Employee's Health
  • Jerome Gerard, Acting State Tax Assessor
  • Christine Zukas-Lessard, Representing the Department of Human Services

Staff: Colleen McCarthy Reid
Office of Policy & Legal Analysis

Telephone: 287-1670
Fax: 287-1275

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