Task Force on Educational Programming at
Juvenile Correctional Facilities







Scheduled Meeting Dates

The duties of the task force are as follows:

A. Determine the best methods of delivery of educational services for students at educational programs and facilities located in or operated by juvenile correctional facilities, with an emphasis on special education and alternative education;

B. Study how to integrate mental health and substance abuse services into an educational setting;

C. Determine the general type of student who will be served by juvenile correctional educational programming;

D. Develop an appropriate set of outcomes for the juvenile correctional educational program;

E. Determine whether juvenile correctional educational programs should seek educational or correctional accreditation; and

F. Determine the necessary qualifications for faculty, administration, recruitment and retention.

Task Force Report:

The task force's report, along with any legislation necessary to implement its recommendations, will be submitted to the 120th Legislature by November 1, 2000.

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