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The Deadline for Submission of Provisionally Adopted Major Substantive Rules for the First Regular Session of the 127th Legislature is 5 pm, FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th, 2015



A rule is a judicially enforceable standard, requirement or statement adopted by a state agency in order to provide details about the implementation or interpretation of a statute, or to describe internal agency procedures.  Rules must be consistent with the statute under which they are adopted.   

Beginning January 1, 1996, when the Legislature enacts a statute giving rulemaking authority to a state agency, the statute must specify whether the rule is “routine technical” or “major substantive.”  If the statute does not specify, the rule is usually treated as routine technical. If the rule was adopted under authority granted to the agency before January 1, 1996, the rule is also treated like a routine technical rule.  

Major substantive rules are rules that, in the judgment of the Legislature:

To adopt a major substantive rule, the agency must follow the same process as for a routine technical rule, except that instead of finally adopting the rule at the end of the process, the agency provisionally adopts the rule.  It must then submit the rule to the Legislature for review before finally adopting the rule except to the extent the rule is required by federal law or required to qualify for federal funds.


For questions about major substantive rules, please contact Marion Hylan Barr at 287-1670.



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