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Public Health





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Appointment(s) by the President

  • Sen. John L. Martin, Chair
  • Sen. Karl W. Turner
  • W. Christopher DeSerres, Representing a Cancer Society
  • Elanna Farnham, Representing, Physical Activity Organization
  • Pam Hageny, BSW, MBA, Representing a Health Advocacy Organization
  • Katherine Hoffmann, Representing the Maine Dairy Industry
  • Sandy Hunter, RN, Representing School Health Professionals
  • Lori Kaley, Representing a Nutrition Advocacy Organization
  • Richard Lyons, Representing Secondary School Administrators
  • Dr. N. Burgess Record, Representing a Heart Association
  • Colleen Rioux, Representing Physical Education Educators
  • Dr. Stephen Sears , Representing a Diabetes Association
  • Michelle Small, Representing an Advocacy Group for Affordable Health Care
  • Jennifer Willey, Representing the Food Industry

Appointment(s) by the Speaker

  • Rep. Margaret M. Craven, Chair
  • Rep. Sarah O. Lewin
  • Janet Whartley Blum, Sc.D. Representing a Doctoral Level Nutritionist
  • Richard Durost, Representing an Organization of School Principals
  • Mr. Robert Holmberg, MD, Representing an Organization of Allopathic Physicians
  • Oakley Jones, Representing Maine Bottlers and Distributors of Beverages
  • Sandi Kottman, RN, Representing Nurses
  • Ann London, Representing a Parent-teacher Organization
  • Karen O'Rourke, Representing a Public Health Advocacy Organization
  • Elizabeth Patten, RD, Representing Dieticians
  • Barbara Raymond, Representing Food Service Workers
  • Dr. Stephen Shannon, DO, MPH, Representing an Organization of Osteopathic Doctors
  • Dr. Jonathan Shenkin, DDS, MPH, Representing Providers of Oral health Providers
  • Deb Silberstein, Representing Health Insurers

Attorney General

  • Ruth McNiff, Representing the Attorney General as Designee

Commissioner, Department of Education

  • Greg Scott, Representing the Department of Education

Commissioner, Department of Human Services

  • Barbara A. Leonard, Designee for Commissioner, Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health

Staff:Jim Adolf

Office of Policy & Legal Analysis

Telephone: 287-1670
Fax: 287-1275

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