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Electronic & Faxed Bid Bonds

MaineDOT supports and encourages electronic bidding by Contractors. We accept electronic Bids for those Contract proposals posted on the Bid Express® electronic bidding website (

To facilitate submission of the required Bid Guaranty when using electronic Bids, the Department will accept either:

  • a facsimile of a signed Bid Bond (permissible for either electronic or paper Bids) which must be received prior to the Bid Opening. This should be faxed to (207) 624-3431. If this is done, the apparent low bidder must then deliver the original Bid Bond to the MaineDOT Contracts Section within 72 hours after the Bid Opening.

Note that the proposal (contract) identification number used to create the e-bonds must be in the same format as shown on the BidX site. Normally, there are six digits in front of the decimal point with leading zeros, if needed, such as "001234.56". The electronic bonds must use the same proposal number to process correctly. Other contract documents may not show the leading zeros.

Any questions concerning this process may be directed to Mike Babb at (207) 624-3408 or Larry Childs at (207) 624-3331.


This page revised 1/27/2009.