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RFP Appendices and Other Project Documents

These are the documents associated with this project. If you are unable to access them, please call 207-624-3533 or send us an e-mail for assistance.

Appendix B - Wage Rate Request Form

Appendix C - Public and Stakeholder Meeting Minutes

Appendix D - Existing Plans and Inspection Reports

Appendix E - Geotechnical Data

Appendix F - Traffic and Crash Data

Appendix G - US Coast Guard Construction Requirements

Appendix H - Survey Data and preliminary Alignments

Appendix I - Permits and Other Environmental Information

  • VRAP for Mercy Hospital (PDF Format)
  • Letter to MDEP (PDF Format)
  • Approved ACE/MDEP Permit (PDF Format)
  • Report on Preliminary Environmental Assessment Veteran's Memorial Bridge (PDF Format)
  • VRAP for I-295 Connector (ZIP File)
  • Preliminary Environmental Sampling Program for I-295 Connector (PDF Format)

Appendix J - Special Provisions

  • Supplemental Specification 506: Protective Coating (PDF Format)
  • Special Provision 104: General Rights and Responsibilities
    (Electronic Payroll Submission)
    (PDF Format)
  • Special Provision 209: Wick Drains
    (PDF Format)
  • Special Provision 501: Drilled Shafts
    (PDF Format)
  • Special Provision 607: Fences (PDF Format)
  • Special Provision 635: Prefabricated Bin Type Retaining Wall (PDF Format)
  • Special Provision 636: Mechanically Stabilized Earth Retaining Wall
    (PDF Format)
  • Special Provision 639 : Engineering Facilities (PDF Format)
  • Railroad Agreement Form (PDF Format)
  • Draft Special Specification: Protection of Railroad & Traffic Structures (PDF Format)

Appendix K - Traffic Calming Policy

Other Project Documents

Future Local Art Projects

This page last updated on 10/23/09

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