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DVEM Commissioner Seeks Comments on National Response Plan Revisions


November 20, 2006


To: Emergency Management and Homeland Security Stakeholders
From: MG John W. Libby, Commissioner, Maine Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management
Subject: National Response Plan (NRP) Review & Revision Process

I recently attended a stakeholders meeting as part of the National Response Plan (NRP) Review and Revision Process in Washington, DC. Stakeholders included representation from Federal departments and agencies, State, local and tribal authorities, public and private sector representatives and national associations.

The NRP was issued in December 2004 and forms the basis of how Federal departments and agencies will work together and how they will coordinate with State, local and tribal governments and the private sector during incidents.

It is now time to review and revise the NRP with the same group of stakeholders who authored it originally. The review will examine the plan’s policies, coordinating structures, define areas of responsibility and procedures. The review will also consider lessons-learned and best practices identified during exercises and responses to real world events since the plan’s implementation.

Key revision issues have been identified, summarized and provided for your review and consideration. I will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the Revision Committee until January 1, 2007 and recognize that the input of State, County, local and tribal partners have been, and will continue to be integral to an effective plan.

A copy of the review document in Adobe Acrobat format is included here*.

I look forward to your comments on the key revision issues and participation in this critical revision process.

MG Bill Libby
Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management
Camp Keyes
Augusta, ME 04330-0033


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