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Surprise! Here comes our snow, all at once.


February 14, 2007


The National Weather Service has issued warnings for a major winter storm from the small hours of Wednesday morning, into Thursday. We will get much of the snow we have waited for all winter, but also winds and drifting, and very cold temperatures after the storm.

Since we haven’t had a storm this big this winter, we might have gotten a little complacent. Please take a moment and concentrate on safety for yourself, your family and your neighbors.

  • Stay tuned to your favorite weather source to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.
  • When the storm hits, don’t drive unless you have to. Make sure you don’t have to. Pick up extra supplies, and cancel non-critical travel plans, in advance of the storm.
  • If you must drive, call 5-1-1 (toll-free) or visit for the latest road conditions and alerts
  • Make sure you have extra batteries for your radio and flashlights.
  • Make sure you have food and water on hand, as well as any medicines you or your family may need.
  • Check to see if you have fuel for alternate heating or cooking sources BUT use these ONLY as directed. Camp stoves and grills designed for the outside should ONLY BE USED IN THE OUTSIDE.
  • Operate your wood stove or other alternate heat source safely.
  • Haul some extra blankets and/or sleeping bags out of the closet. Make sure you didn’t leave them at camp last summer!

  • If you have a generator, check it out and make sure you have fuel. DO NOT USE A GENERATOR IN AN ATTACHED GARAGE OR CELLAR, EVER! We have had tragedies in Maine and New Hampshire this winter; please use your generator wisely.

  • Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors. Power outage situations pose special risks of fire.
  • Stay warm! Hypothermia can sneak up on you. Those of us who are older may be particularly susceptible to this. If you have an older neighbor, friend or relative, check on them to make sure they’re okay.
  • Don’t overtax yourself shoveling snow. We’re not used to it; and it will be very cold after the storm. Go easy on your heart and your back.
  • If you must go out, dress warmly, in layers, and take frequent breaks to warm up.
  • If you need emergency assistance, call 9-1-1 to reach your local responders

And lastly, again, please stay off the roads, and let plow crews do the work they are so good at. Then settle down with your family to wait out the storm.

For many more storm preparedness and safety tips, visit Maine Prepares: for Winter.

It’s winter in Maine. We’ve survived it for years. We even enjoy it. By making good decisions, remembering safety is important, asking for help if we need it, and giving help to family and friends, we can all weather the storm.



Last update: 07/20/10