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SCIP Monthly Update: March 2008


March 20, 2008


SCIP - Update

As of March 2008, meetings continue to happen while waiting for approval of our plan from the Department of Homeland Security.

SCIP Presentation

During the month of March, MEMA staff will be visiting each County Emergency Management Agency Director to provide more information to county and local officials.

These presentations are intended to provide an overview and open dialog regarding current capabilities and identify communications issues at the local level. All information is also available on the link below:

Grant Review Committee

A grant review committee has been developed; this committee represents a cross-section of organizations, public safety officials and advocates for communications.

Communication Assets Survey and Mapping Tool (CASM)

Rich Damren (624-4472) continues to be available to assist in capturing the CASM data. He has been actively entering the data received and developing reports to date. Please contact him if you would like assistance in the data collection process.

Our Website is available to access all information:


Question: How will this grant opportunity help my county go to narrow band?

Response: All new purchases of public safety radios using Public Safety Interoperable Communications (PSIC) grant funding means new radios need to be VHF narrow band compliant. These will still have the ability to communicate with the older analog VHF radios.

Question: How will this grant opportunity help my county go to digital over the next several years?

Response: This will completely depend on the current status of communications within your county. The intent of PSIC money is to increase interoperability; this may be replacing previously purchased equipment. This is not to supplant any of your existing communication budgets, whereas the requirement date for narrow banding is to be completed, this should be already projected into a budget.

Question: Are we going to include local EMA as part of the grant guidance?

Response: The grant will be available to all public safety first responders. All grant applications will be channeled through the County EMA Director to ensure all requests meet the application requirements.

Question: How will the current capabilities and gaps be assessed?

Response: The CASM program is designed to collect local radio and other communications capabilities. Both Rich Damren and Roy Jones have been working with counties and communities to get this data entered. The information input into this system will help in identifying gaps in coverage or where capability may exist, but planning or training is needed.

Question: How is the money being divided up across the state?

Response: Each grant cycle will provide $1.9 million dollars available for all entities to submit grants for. There has been no money set aside for any specific county, local or metro area. Money has already been set aside specifically for training and Strategic Technology Reserve.

Question: How does this project related to the COPS Technology grant?

Answer: There is no relationship. These are two different grant programs. OIT is working with Public Safety on the CAD/RMS project.

Question: Maine got $7.5 million dollars. How is it being allocated?

Allocated to: Amount
State of Maine allocation $7,567,579.00
5% State Admin $378,378.95
3% Maintenance $227,027.37
State Agency 12% $908,109.48
Grant Year 2008-2009 $1,977,224.70
Grant Year 2009-2010 $1,977,224.70
Training @20% $ 1,513,515.80
Strategic Technology Reserve $ 586,098.00

Please submit comments or questions to Dave Duehring (

Our Website is available to access all information:



Dave Duehring


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