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SCIP Monthly Update May 2008


May 19, 2008


SCIP Approved by DHS

Maine’s plan was approved by DHS on April 14th. The approval has now allowed MEMA to publish the document in its Communication Document Library website at

The Appendices and Figures of the SCIP are not accessible on the web-site unless prior authorization has been given. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions section to get instructions on how to get authorization to view these documents.

Public Safety Interoperability Communications (PSIC) Grant Announced

With the approval of Maine’s SCIP the Maine Interoperability Communications Committee (MICC) was briefed. This briefing included the latest changes to the SCIP as well as a presentation for approval of the PSIC Grant Guidance documents. The briefing concluded with approval to announce the PSIC Grant on May 1st, 2008.

The PSIC Grant Announcement, application and associated documents can be found at:

Questions about the PSIC Grant can be addressed by e-mail to or by calling toll free 1-800-452-8735 or direct at 207-624-4476.

What’s Next?

July 1st, 2008 – This is the PSIC Grant Application Deadline for local and tribal applications (electronic format) to arrive at their respective County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). Each County EMA Director will review applications for completeness and then prioritize with all other applications submitted from their respective county. It is crucial that each County EMA Director is involved with organizations planning and submitting PSIC Grant applications to ensure the application is synchronized with surrounding jurisdictions and includes multiple public safety disciplines.

July 15th, 2008 – All PSIC Grant applications are due from all County EMA Directors to MEMA to include prioritization of all applications.

July 22nd & 23rd, 2008 – PSIC Grant Review Committee reviews all applications and makes recommendations for grant funding.

July 24th – 31st, 2008 – MEMA consolidates recommendations and forwards Investment Justifications to DHS for approval and funding.

*September 1st +/-, 2008 – Receive grant funding approval from DHS and announce grant funding approval.

*NOTE: Date may vary depending on actual date funding approval is received.

Communication Assets Survey and Mapping Tool (CASM)

We have made drastic gains on the CASM data base to where we are now getting a good picture of the state of Maine. We are also putting together a compiled binder of all 16 counties radio systems and state wide maps. Questions and input data for CASM should be addressed to


For a complete listing of FAQs, please check our web-site at

The following FAQs have been added to our web-site since the last publication of this Monthly Update:

Question: If my county is submitting a grant application, do all communities within my county need to be NIMS compliant to be eligible to receive the benefits of the grant?

Answer: In the MEMA web-site under the PSIC Communications Library found at:

You will find the NIMS Compliancy Policy which outlines what communities need to accomplish to be considered NIMS compliant. You will note that the second bullet of this document states: "A County can be considered compliant even if all the towns within the county are not."

Question: Can a community within my county be eligible for PSIC Grant funding if it has not submitted CASM data?

Answer: CASM data is required from all organizations that will be benefited from the PSIC grant funding. This not only fulfills a requirement of the grant but, also helps us identify communications interoperability issues. Most counties have done well in responding to requests for CASM data and have demonstrated compliance in this area.

We strongly recommend counties, towns and tribal communities continue to obtain CASM data from organizations/agencies that have not submitted data or need to update it and forward to MEMA. Remember, this data is designed to be a tool for each organization to better understand communications capabilities and gaps preventing interoperability with other jurisdictions and public safety organizations.

Question: I notice the SCIP Appendices and Figures in the MEMA PSIC Communications Document Library are not accessible. How do I get access to these documents?

Answer: These documents are intended for public safety organizations and not intended for general public access. Public Safety organizations or personnel involved with public safety organizations can request access by sending their request to

Requests will be screened and eligible requests will be e-mailed application forms to complete and return. Once received, reviewed and approved, applicants will be e-mailed instructions and a password to gain access to these documents.



David Duehring


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