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SCIP Monthly Update October 2008


October 10, 2008



All grantees have been notified of approved applications and many projects have already been started.

A grant requirement was to set aside a portion for the Strategic Technology Reserve. Based on our approved justifications, we have been making strides to begin utilizing these funds for the following projects areas:

Mobile Command Vehicle Upgrades

The last month has been busy working with the Department of Conservation to get their MCV up to speed with the other vehicles. We have the satellite dish shipped to Old Town and it is scheduled to be installed in the next couple of weeks. This will allow Conservation to locate their vehicle anywhere in Maine with mobile access to the State of Maine network and the internet. Conservation also is being outfitted with a radio that covers every major band we use in Maine, making this vehicle truly interoperable at any operation. We are still looking into bandwidth upgrades for each of the vehicles and we should be moving forward in the upcoming month.

Mobile Repeaters

During MEMA‚€™s visits to each of the Counties to discuss PSIC and grant funding we came across a few common themes. One of these was that many responders face large geographic gaps in their radio systems. A temporary solution we could use to help assist incident command is a mobile-programmable repeater. Using this device, the incident commander could specify if he needs to extend his ability to reach back to dispatch or extend communications into low lying areas. We are in the process of developing a mobile repeater justification sheet for the County EMAs. We recognize that this is a specific and expensive device so we are asking for County EMAs to submit an application so we can determine how many we can purchase while staying within our budget. We will be sending out the forms to the County EMA Directors in the next week. Following the receipt of the justifications, MEMA will produce an RFP to be released for competitive response to meet the needs.


Because our ARES/RACES teams are extremely important for ensuring interoperability across the state, MEMA is providing up to $1,500 for current teams to assist in the purchasing of necessary maintenance or sustainment items. This will provide counties the opportunity to purchase spare parts, connectors, tools, batteries, wiring, etc and a radio repair kit to be able to quickly diagnose and fix any issues they may encounter during training or an actual event.


The RFP for portable and mobile radios is currently on the street. The RFP is due into Office of Information Technology before the end of October. This will enable county and local entities to purchase radios, accessories and programming through the state‚€™s contract.

MEMA will be purchasing a cache of radios to support NIMS compliant towns over the next 2 years. This will allow for entities that did not receive funding through the competitive grant process to meet a common communications baseline for interoperability.

Training Options

Over the last several months, the PSIC Training Team has worked hard to develop a communications training curriculum that will be available in several mediums.

1.Classroom Training: See the MEMA Calendar for the schedule. Please contact Mike Grant to schedule training at 624-4400.

  1. DVD (will be handed out during classroom training)

  2. Online: At You will need to register in order to take the online class.

To date, we have had over 250 people participate in the online training course.

Web Information

MEMA Contact

Please address any SCIP or PSIC Grant Program related questions to Bruce Fitzgerald at or by phone at 624-4400.

In the future:

We expect to see the job posting for the new Communications Coordinator advertised in the very near future.

The Maine Interoperability Communications Committee meeting will be held on November 5, 2008 at MEMA. The agenda will be mailed to committee members.

The Office of Emergency Communications will be providing each state an opportunity to host a workshop to assist with the SCIP Implementation. In February 2009, MEMA will host a workshop that will include OEC experts to assist us in determining our future strategies.



Bruce Fitzgerald


Last update: 07/20/10