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SCIP Monthly Update March 2009


March 20, 2009


State’s Interoperability Vision

The State of Maine will have a firmly established, formally managed and maintainable communications environment, based on technology, protocols, training and usage, that will provide seamless communications capability to all emergency management, first responder, and response support organizations at the local, regional and State levels, enabling them to exchange information via voice and data means, as required by standard NIMS response procedures, to provide effective, coordinated and timely all hazards response to our citizens.

State Interoperability Communications Coordinator

Steven Mallory has joined our team as the Interoperability Coordinator. He was able to participate in the County Workshops that took place during March, giving him a great opportunity to get a feel for issues across the state.

Maine Interoperable Communications Committee (MICC)

The next meeting to will be scheduled in the near future.

Visor Cards

Have you seen the new visor cards that were created based on the ICS form 205? If so, we would like your feedback. Any edits needed? Changes to the format? Useful? Other forms that would work well in this format?

Training & Exercises

There are currently no scheduled communications training classes at this time. If you are interested please contact Mike Grant at 624-4400.

Many of you met Jeremy Damren during the county communications tours. If you would like assistance in developing a communications specific exercise please contact him at 624-4400.

County Communications Tour

The March county communications tour went very well. At this point, 14 of the 16 counties have hosted our staff and participation was well over 150 attendees to date. We realize that many items were outside of our knowledge area however, we are compiling a list of action items to follow up with other state agencies.

We also handed out a communications survey that is due back to Steven Mallory by April 1, 2009. If you were unable to attend and are interested in the Communications Survey you can find it on our website.

The overall presentation is also on our website

We also handed out a standard template for the development of Communications Standard Operating Procedures. We encourage counties and large communities to develop this SOP. In the very near future, MEMA will need to ensure that these SOPs have been developed in order to receive continued federal funding. An electronic template is available

We would like to thank our County EMA Directors for organizing these communications workshops. The opportunity to meet with everyone is very important to us and will continue to help in future funding and strategies to enhance interoperable communications across the state.

Other news from our partners………

It has been brought to our attention that there is some confusion regarding digital vs. analog capabilities and MSCommNet. We hope this helps:

The Maine State Communications Network (MSCommNet) will be a P-25 digital system, HOWEVER, the system will include a regionnet that will allow for digital and analog broadcasts to be handled and provide communications between systems. Regardless of the type of P25 compatible radio, whether analog or digital, the MSCommNet architecture will be built to handle communications across entities. All P25 radios purchased since 2005 are narrowbandable (by law) and backward compatible.

In analog mode, the P25 digital radio will operate exactly the same as conventional analog systems that operate in wideband or narrow band operation and other standard analog features.

Although the radios may be either Digital OR Analog, the MSCommNet system will transfer either type broadcast appropriately. The digital radios are backward compatible to all formats as required with all P-25 radios.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact Ginnie Ricker at 624-4471 or email at with questions or comments.



Ginnie Ricker


Last update: 07/20/10