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New Version of MARPLOT now Available


August 6, 2009


A new version of MARPLOT is available at


Some new changes include the default satellite basemap to a new color aerial photos layer with better coverage throughout the United States. Added support for Google's KML file type: export ALOHA objects to a KML file and add KML files as basemap layers. Changed the map projection so that circles are no longer stretched horizontally. Added ability to get a street address from the click point location (using Google)and fixed some minor bugs.

If you've already upgraded to MARPLOT 4.0 or 4.0.1, you should download and run the MARPLOT 4.1 upgrade tool to install the new fixes to your program. You won't have to reload any of your data or layers.

If you're using a version of MARPLOT prior to 4.0, then you should download the new MARPLOT 4.1 installer and follow the instructions in the guidance document (provided on the download page) to ensure that you don't lose your current maps and data.



Faith Mayer


Last update: 07/20/10