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Maine Task Force 1 Mass Vaccination Deployment


October 19, 2009


Due to a significant outbreak of the H1N1 virus at Bates College in Lewiston Maine, the Director for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention requested Maine Task Force One, a component of the Northern New England Metropolitan Medical Response System, deploy to the campus to assist with the mass vaccination of the student population. A total of 18 embers from Maine Task Force One (Me TF1) deployed to the campus on October 10, 14, and 15 and administered over 1000 H1N1 vaccinations (injections & Flumist) during the deployment.

The entire vaccination clinic was a total success due to the close collaboration between the staff of the Bates College Health Center and the members of Maine Task Force One. The vaccination clinic was held in Chase Hall on the Bates Campus. Staff members from Bates College conducted an initial screening for symptoms of Influenza Like Illness as the students entered the building; the students were then routed to one of two tables in an open foyer where vaccination consent and screening forms were completed. Next the students were directed to one of ten vaccination stations manned by Me TF1 members where they received either the H1N1 Flumist or H1N1 vaccination. The students then were the instructed to rear of the building where a Me TF1 team member was posted to answer any questions the student may have. The average through put time for both the injection and Flumist was 3 minutes.

This deployment marked several significant milestones for Maine Task Force One.

  • While the team has been operational for several years this was first unplanned activation of the team. Fourteen Me TF1 team members were able to deploy with less than 24 hours notice for the first vaccination clinic on October 10th.

  • Four EMT-Basic team members received Just in Time training that allowed them administer the Flumist vaccine during this deployment.

  • This was the first mass vaccination for the H1N1 virus in the State of Maine.

Deployed Maine Task Force One Team Members:

John Bastin PA-C Team Commander

Josh Frances EMT-I Deputy Team Commander

Steve Diaz MD Medical Director

Lisa Torraca MD

Tom Carter EMT-I

Tony Simpson PA-C

Adam Cafro EMT-I

Steve Doxcy-Bordy PA-C

Sean Petone EMT-B

Gayle McKeige RN

Kris Gammon EMT-B

Barry Worthing RN

Brian Dougher EMT-B

Amy Strum RN

Kris Fish EMT-B

Nate Contreras RN EMT-P

Steve Trockman MPH

Michael DiClemente EMT-I



Jeremy Damren, MEMA



Last update: 07/20/10