Free and Low-Cost Email Pagers Available for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Mainers


October 1, 2006


The Maine Center on Deafness (MCD), Division of Deafness (DoD), and Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) together initiated the country's first emergency alert program known as the "Emergency Notification System" or "ENS" for residents who are Deaf or hard of hearing in the state of Maine. This program officially opened to the public in March 2005.

The ENS program, administered through MCD, supplies free email messages that notify users of local, state, and national emergencies such as road closures, child abductions, severe weather warnings, and public safety announcements. MCD also offers a stationary all-hazard alert radio with amplification instead of the pager device.

Email pagers and alert radios are available at MCD for free or reduced cost depending on individuals' income.
For more information about this program contact:

Alyssa Gagnon
Maine Center on Deafness
68 Bishop Street
Portland, Maine 04103
1-800-639-3884, ext. 109v or 309tty
email at
or visit

Qualified applicants must be Maine residents and Deaf or hard of hearing.