Terrorism Preparedness: Get the Facts


The thought of a terrorist attack is disturbing, no matter where it might occur. This, of course, would be particularly true if we have another attack in the United States. Although Maine is not considered a prime target for terrorist activities, State and Federal agencies in Maine have taken steps designed to prevent an attack from occurring, protect our critical infrastructure and respond in the unlikely event an attack should occur here.

Here are some tips to help you should an attack occur in the US:

  • If you have family in areas that may be more likely than Maine to suffer an attack, make sure you have a plan to communicate with them. Remember that cell phones may be jammed. So think about some other ways to get in touch, such as e-mail, pager, texting, voice mail messages, etc. Planning ahead is very important. It can save you a lot of anxiety.
  • In the hours after an attack there is likely to be confusion about what exactly has happened. Although imperfect, the media is likely to be your best source of information in the immediate aftermath of an event.
  • State, County and local officials will be monitoring the situation. Stay informed. Listen to local radio stations and follow any instructions you receive. If there is information you need to know right away, MEMA may use the Emergency Alert System (EAS). It will be an alert signal on your radio, followed by emergency information or it will show up as a scroll across the bottom of your TV screen providing you with information or directing you to additional information. If you are deaf or hearing impaired and have a pager through the Telecommunications Equipment Program, you will receive a text message.
  • It's important to stay focused on the facts of the sitation. Assess the situation to determine if it affects you either directly or indirectly. Then decide if there are any specific actions you should take. If not, continue your normal routine and activities.
  • Remember that, like 9/11, an attack anywhere in the US may disrupt air travel and other modes of transportation and have other indirect impacts.

To read more about how you can learn about terrorism, and report suspicious activity, visit the Maine Information and Analysis Center.

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