If You Have to Leave Your Home


As you make your family plan, consider what emergency situations might require you to evacuate from your home. Preparing ahead will help you if events require you to leave your home.

Remember, if your local officials advise you to evacuate, it is because your life is at risk if you stay. Please obey any evacuation orders.

If you must evacuate your home and have time to prepare:

  • Determine where you will go and make appropriate arrangements (reservations in a hotel, advise family or friends you are coming to them, etc.)
  • Maintain at least half a tank of fuel in your vehicle at all times.
  • Plan to take the following:
    • Cash and credit cards
    • Season-appropriate clothing for each family member for several days
    • Personal hygiene supplies appropriate for each family member
    • Prescription medications and a list of them, by family member, name and strength
    • Blankets or sleeping bags
    • Important records and documents preassembled in a waterproof container (see our fact sheet on Financial Disaster Planning)
    • Portable radio, either battery or hand crank, extra batteries
    • Flashlight, battery or hand crank, extra batteries
    • Snacks and food not requiring refrigeration, can opener if needed
    • Games, cards, crossword puzzles, entertainment items
    • First Aid Kit and Guide
    • Your pet(s) in pet carriers together with ownership documentation, immunization records, food, water, dishes, leashes (Note: Ensure your destination will accept pets!)

Before you evacuate your home and if you have time

  • Turn off water, gas and electricity if instructed to do so
  • Notify a friend, neighbor or relative where you plan to go

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