Animals: Pets and Livestock

Cleo the cat was being watched over by her owner when this photo was taken, after the Ice Storm of 1998. Many other animals are not so lucky. Pets and livestock need your help to be safe during an emergency


Do you have pets or livestock? Being prepared for a flood, winter storm, forest fire, hurricane, earthquake, hazardous material leak or dam failure notification is the best gift you can give them.

Think about what it would take to get through a disaster.

A plan should be made for all situations.

Evacuation or Shelter?

Plan ahead for possible evacuations

  • Call motels to see what the policy is for pets
  • Contact local authorities about shelters for pets and/or livestock
  • Contact friends and family outside your area about housing your animals
  • Make arrangements with family or friends to take care of your animals if you happen to be away
  • Post your evacuation plans near the door

If you need to evacuate

  • Always evacuate if advised to do so
  • Evacuate your pets and/or livestock too according to your plan

If you need to go to a shelter

  • Keep in mind that shelters may require proof of immunizations before they will accept animals
  • Shelters may require proof of ownership (when you return to get the animal). Take a picture of yourself with your pet and put the picture with your important papers.
  • Obtain ID tags for all pets, and/or have them micro-chipped for identifications. Most vets or anmial shelters can do this for a small fee.
  • Make arrangements with family or friends to take care of your animals if you happen to be away
  • Keep a list with names and phone numbers, including your veterinarian, by the door

“Shelter in Place” (keeping the animals safe on site if the emergency doesn’t require evacuation.

  • Do you need a generator?
  • Do you have a way to store fuel?
  • Do you need extra blankets?


Food and water are essential to survival. Always have enough food, water and supplies for at least 72 Hours (three days).

  • Do you have extra grain or hay?
  • Do you have extra pet food?
  • Is there a place where you can haul and store water?


Other items to consider for your livestock or pets are necessary medications. Talk to your veterinarian for advice on this issue and plan accordingly. Medications and medical records should be stored in a weather proof container.

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