Preparing for a Technology Disaster

Most companies rely on technology. Are you protected from a technology failure?


The U.S. Department of Labor estimates over 40% of businesses never reopen following a disaster. Of the remaining companies, at least 25% will close within 2 years.

Is your business or organization ready to ‘weather’ a technology disaster?

Getting Started on Technology Preparedness

  • What systems do you rely on? -- Consider what is important to your business. Do you need computers to operate your business, or just record keeping?

  • Identify points of potential failure -- Where could your systems fail? Do you have redundancy in place for networking, data storage, or merchant (credit card) processing?

  • Back-up your critical business data. -- It’s not expensive, or complicated. Small businesses with little data could simply burn it onto CD and take it home, or to another off-site storage facility. Larger businesses with more complex needs can consult one of dozens of companies specializing in off-site data storage and back-up.

  • Consider data on laptops -- Do you or your employees transport data on laptop computers? Remember to back-up that material.

  • Back-up Data on a Schedule -- Save your data at least once per week. You never know when a disaster will incapacitate your computer systems.

  • Remember your Documents -- Even though it is on paper, doesn’t mean it cannot be backed-up. An inexpensive scanner can make all of your paperwork electronic. This includes insurance policies, checks, billing, contracts and other materials.

  • Power Back-ups -- Uninterruptible Power Supplies (or UPS) systems could provide critical access to your computer systems in case of power outages. These are often inexpensive. Contact your technology supplier for more information.

  • How about telephones? -- Computers are not the only equipment your business relies on. How about telephones? Make plans with your telecommunications equipment provider to rent equipment should you need to move into a temporary facility.

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