Right to Know Request

Use this form to submit a Right-to-Know request. Please be aware that the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) has adopted a fee schedule that MEMA may use in order to cover the costs of processing large or time-consuming requests:

  • $.10/page for all photocopies and
  • $1.00/page for computer print-outs
  • $5.00/diskette or CD for magnetic media
  • $10.00/diskette or CD when no diskette is supplied

If a processing fee will be required, it must be paid in advance, either by cash or by check made out to "Treasurer, State of Maine." If there will be a free associated with a request submitted here, you will be informed, and must forward a check for the correct amount to MEMA prior to the request being filled.

Please complete the following information so we may process your request as efficiently as possible. If there are any questions about your request, a MEMA staff person will contact you.