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Cell Towers/Collocations

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and the National Council of State Historic Preservation Officers signed a Nationwide Programmatic Agreement (NPA) in 2004, which governs Section 106 compliance requirements for the construction of new telecommunications towers and collocations of antennae on existing towers, buildings and other structures. When submitting information to the Maine Historic Preservation Commission for review of such projects, the materials required under the NPA (e.g. Form 620 or 621) should be submitted.

For more information, including the NPA and the appropriate forms to submit to our office, please see the FCC's website:

Please note that our office does not participate in the new voluntary electronic Section 106 system (E-106).  We do not accept submissions for project review via email or fax.  Submissions for Section 106 review must be submitted via regular USPS mail to our office.  Pursuant to the Section 106 regulations, our 30 day review period begins upon date of receipt of this hard copy.