Reasonable Grounds Decisions & Reports

Reports and Recommendations

Note: Following is a listing of cases in which the Commissioners have found reasonable grounds to believe that unlawful discrimination has occurred. The listing contains a summary of the issues and the vote of the Commissioners. The identities of the parties are not included in the reports on this site, although the reports maintained in the Commission's offices and files may include the names of the parties, where permitted by statute. The purpose of producing Investigators Reports is for information and education purposes about the issues the Commission considers. Most cases will remain on this site for six months; other cases will remain longer if they provide important guidance to the public.

For each case, the list links the reader to the Investigator's Report, which analyzes the case, and to the Minutes, which links the reader to the agenda at which the case was considered. The Minutes contain the names of those who appeared in each case and the vote of each Commissioner. Where there are notations referencing cases on the Consent Agenda, that means that there were no written disagreements made to the Investigator's recommendation. Commissioners accept the recommendations of cases on the Consent Agenda with no discussion. In making determinations Commissioners consider the Investigator's Report, any written submissions by the parties made within allowable time periods, and any oral presentation.

Most documents on the Commission website are provided in either DOC or PDF format. In order to view or print PDF documents,you need the free Adobe Reader. For files marked DOC you will need either Microsoft Word or the Word Viewer. If you need a report that is not posted, please contact us at 624-6290 and request a copy.

Recent Reasonable Grounds Decisions

Case #
Type of Discrimination
E14-0011 PDF Employment Discrimination based on religion and ssserting rights under the MHRA October 6, 2014
H14-0063 PDF Housing Discrimination based on disability August 11, 2014
ED/PA12-0363 PDF Education Discrimination based on educational opportunity and/or public accommodation re:perceived sexual orientation or sex July 14, 2015
H14-0047 PDF Housing Discrimination: July 14, 2015
E12-0361 PDF Employment Discrimination: sex April 28, 2014
E12-0600 PDF Employment Discrimination: illegal medical inquiry; perceived disability (termination) April 28, 2014
E13-0027 PDF Employment Discrimination: MHRA & Whistleblower Protection April 28, 2014
E12-0188 PDF Employment Discrimination: sex March 31, 2014
E12-0235 PDF Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower Protection March 31, 2014
E12-0392 PDF Employment Discrimination: sex - advertising (unlawful advertising, failure to hire) March 31, 2014
H12-0458 PDF Housing Discrimination: Unlawful policy for evaluating (disparate impact on same-sex couples and on those who receive public assistance) March 31, 2014
PA12-0004 PDF Public Accommodation Discrimination: disability ( denying a reasonable modification) March 31, 2014
E12-0107 PDF Employment Discrimination: disability (less favorable terms and conditions of employment, unlawful medical examinations) March 31, 2014
E12-0265 PDF Employment Discrimination: disability discrimination (job offer withdrawn) March 31, 2014
E11-0719 PDF Employment Discrimination: disability discrimination (terminating employment) February 24, 2014
E12-0314 PDF Employment Discrimination: disability discrimination (failure to accommodate) February 24, 2014
E12-0486 PDF Employment Discrimination: Sexual Harassment January 27, 2014
E13-0173 PDF Employment Discrimination: Age January 27, 2014
H13-0585 PDF Housing discrimination: hostile housing environment based on sex January 27, 2014
H13-0586 PDF Housing discrimination: sexual harassment/discrimination based on sex January 27, 2014
H13-0588 PDFHousing discrimination: sexual harassment/discrimination based on sex January 27, 2014
E12-0025 PDF Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower activity; race, ancestry and national origin December 16, 2013
E12-0031 PDF Employment Discrimination: disability discrimination December 16, 2013
PA12-0483 Public Accommodation Discrimination: December 16, 2013
H13-0259(PDF) Housing Discrimination: Unlawful Inquires based on physical and mental disability November 4, 2013
E12-0168(PDF) Employment Discrimination: Sex discrimination (hostile work environment), Retaliation November 4, 2013
E11-0543 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: engaging in protected activity under MHRA and Whistleblower activity September 23, 2013
E11-0544 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: engaging in protected activity under MHRA and Whistleblower activity September 23, 2013
E11-0545 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: engaging in protected activity under MHRA and Whistleblower activity September 23, 2013
E12-0507 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Sex discrimination September 23, 2013
E12-0623(PDF) Employment Discrimination: engaging in protected activity under MHRA and Whistleblower activity September 23, 2013
E11-0495(PDF) Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower activity September 23, 2013
E11-0651 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Physical Disability September 23, 2013
PA12-0575 (PDF) Public Accommodation Discrimination: Disability September 23, 2013
E11-0554 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Sex (hostile work environment) August 5, 2013
H13-0148 (PDF) Housing Discrimination: Familial Status, Sexual Orientation August 5, 2013
E11-0494 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower activity August 5, 2013
E11-0487 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower, disability (failure to accommodate) June 24, 2013
PA11-0416 (PDF) Public Accommodation Discrimination: Sex May 20, 2013
E11-0430 (PDF) Employment Discrimination based on Whistleblower activity and disability May 20, 2013
E12-0255 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower activity May 20, 2013
E11-0323 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Sex (hostile work environment) April 8, 2013
E11-0404 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Sex (terms and conditions) April 8, 2013
E11-0437 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: discriminatory policy or practice regarding rehiring retirees April 8, 2013
E12-0219 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: Physical disability (unlawful medical examination) April 8, 2013
PA11-0237(PDF) Public Accommodation Discrimination: disability (service animal) February 25, 2013
E11-0380(PDF) Employment Discrimination: retaliation February 25, 2013
E11-0700(PDF) Employment Discrimination: Age (unlawful pre-employment inquiry) February 25, 2013
E11-0117(PDF) Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower, intimidation January 14, 2013
E11-0648(PDF) Employment Discrimination: regarded as having physical disability December 17, 2013
E12-0023 (PDF) Employment Discrimination: retaliation December 17, 2013
E11-0180(PDF) Employment Discrimination: Whistleblower November 5, 2012
H12-0287(PDF) Housing Discrimination: racially hostile housing environment November 5, 2012
E10-0490 (PDF) Employment discrimination: sex September 24, 2012
H11-0534 (PDF) Housing discrimination: rental application unlawful inquiries August 10, 2012
E10-0497 (PDF) Employment discrimination: sex August 10, 2012
E11-0208 (PDF) Employment discrimination: reasonable accommodation August 10, 2012
E10-0325 (PDF) Employment discrimination: hostile work environment June 11, 2012
E10-0337 (PDF) Employment discrimination: reasonable accommodation June 11, 2012
H12-0148/9 (PDF) Housing discrimination: familial status June 11, 2012
E11-0393 (PDF) Employment discrimination: Whistleblower June 11, 2012

Historical Reasonable Grounds Decisions providing important guidance

Case #
PA/ED08-0239(PDF) Education & Public Accommodation Discrimination: Sexual Orientation June 29, 2009