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Maine Green Power

Maine Green Power Program

Maine Green Power allows you to choose clean, local renewable energy for your home or business. Mainers can now match their electric use with green power 100% produced in Maine. It’s an easy, affordable step that has a measurably positive impact on Maine and its economy.

How Maine Green Power Works

Residents and businesses that participate in Maine Green Power can match the electricity they use with energy from Maine’s renewable resources, such as wind, hydro and biomass. Enrolling now will help bring new, local renewable energy facilities on-line and put Maine on a path to a cleaner energy future.

When you sign up, you will see an additional line item charge on your monthly utility bill for your participation in Maine Green Power. We match your purchase amount with Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs. (For more information, please visit the FAQ). Maine’s Public Utilities Commission ensures that your purchase is matched with RECs produced exclusively in Maine, so you can be certain that your impact is real and local.

You will continue to receive your electricity as you have in the past, with no interruption in your service.

More information about the benefits of Maine Green Power is available in our FAQ.

How To Participate

Simply choose your participation level and sign up below to enroll in Maine Green Power. There is no commitment, you can cancel at any time.

Purchase Levels

Maine Green Power allows you to select the participation level that best suits your home or business:

  • Half block – 250 kWh per month - $3.75 (Available to residential customers only)
  • 1 block – 500 kWh per month - $7.50 (Roughly equivalent to the average households usage)
  • 2 blocks – 1000 kWh per month - $15
  • 3+ blocks – Residential customers are limited to 4 blocks (at $7.50 each), but businesses can set their desired level.
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These considerations will help you choose the level that’s right for you:

  1. Electricity Use: The average home in Maine uses 521 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a month. (Your electric bill provides details about your usage.)
  2. Impact: Your purchase builds demand for Maine-based renewable energy, encouraging new renewable energy supply that helps support jobs and makes sustainable and productive use of our state’s resources. All supply used for Maine Green Power comes from clean, renewable energy facilities in Maine. Maine Green Power will optimize the percentage of supply that comes from “new” renewable resources (wind, solar, and biomass supply from facilities built, or refurbished, after September 1, 2005), and “retire” 907 pounds of carbon dioxide emission allowances for every megawatt-hour of the new renewable supply purchased. This will help reduce carbon emissions and clean our air.

    We will issue an annual report detailing the mix of renewable resources each year and describing the positive environmental impact you’ve made thanks to your participation.
  3. Cost: Maine Green Power costs only 1.5 cents extra per kilowatt-hour, and is purchased in blocks.

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