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2006 Application Form

A Public Interest Payphone (PIP) is a coinless telephone that allows members of the public to make free local and emergency calls or to use a card or operator assistance to place long distance calls. Maine law provides that PIPs may be placed in locations where they are necessary to fulfill health, safety, and welfare needs and where no other payphone exists. PIPs are funded by Maine’s telephone ratepayers. There is limited funding for PIPs, and the locations that receive funding are determined by Maine’s Public Utilities Commission based on the information contained on this application form. Applicants may be asked to re-apply from time to time, to ensure that limited funding is used effectively.

An organization, business, or person that wishes to apply for a Public Interest Payphone must fill out this application form and submit it online or mail it to the Maine Public Utilities Commission at the address shown at the bottom of the form. Applications will be chosen based on the following six criteria:

  • Public welfare, health and safety considerations
  • Cost of providing the requested PIP service
  • Availability of wireless service in the area
  • Residential telephone service penetration in the area
  • Average income of the area
  • Financial ability of the applicant to provide public telephone service

Applicants should furnish information that is complete and comprehensive, so that public funding is provided to the locations that provide the most benefit to the public. Information may be written directly on the form below, or it may be provided on additional sheets of paper.

The Commission will begin evaluating 2006 applications on September 1, 2006 and will conclude on October 31, 2006. Applications submitted after that time will be considered if sufficient funding exists. The Commission may contact applicants for further information.

1. Applicant:
    Name of organization, business, or person requesting a PIP:

    Address (line 2):
    Contact Person :
    Phone Number of Contact Person :
    Email Address (if available):

2. Location of the proposed phone. Provide a description of the location in relationship to an identifiable address.

3. Do you own the property on which the PIP would be placed? If not, please provide the name and address of the property owner and state whether the owner agrees to allow a PIP on the property.

4. Is the proposed PIP inside or outside a building? If outside, is it protected from weather? Please explain why it should be inside or outside.

5. Will the proposed PIP be available to the public 24 hours per day? Why or why not?

6. Should the proposed PIP be capable of receiving incoming calls? Why or why not?

7. Explain how the proposed PIP will meet a public welfare, health, or safety need. Note that this is the first of the six criteria listed in the box above, and is a requirement that all PIPs must meet.

8. If you have any information at your disposal that will allow the Commission to evaluate and rank your PIP proposal using the remaining five criteria listed in the box above, please provide it. Note that the Commission will also attempt to obtain this information through other means.

9. If known, please state the location of the payphone that is nearest to the proposed PIP.

Note: All boxes above must be filled in before pressing Submit. If any questions have not been filled in, fill them in before pressing Submit.

If you have questions about Maine’s Public Interest Payphone program, call the MPUC’s Consumer Assistance Division at 1-800-452-4699.