Maine Library Commission Minutes, March 5, 2012

Meeting called to order at 1:00PM.

Attendance: Joyce Rumery, Art Turley, Charlie Campo, Molly Larson, Dick Thompson, Liz Doucette, Debe Averill, Inese Gruber, Karen Baldacci, Barbara McDade, Sara Campbell,
Linda Lord

  • Introductions were made James Ritter officially introduced as Director of Reader and Information Services.
  • Minutes from the January 9, 2012 meeting were approved.

State Librarian Report

  • Commented that the $100,000 Appropriation for delivery services passed as a result of significant outreach by the library community
  • Quasi-State Agency Legislation committee hearing in January. Determined that primary cultural agencies are not defined as such because they are part of the State Budget Service Center and follow all travel and purchasing procedures required by Maine State Government.501(c)3 Application for Friends of MSL moving forward
  • Letter to Senator Snowe thanking for service will be drafted, shared with Commission and sent to the Senator
  • Briefly discussed numerous changes within Cultural Agencies and thus, CAC Joseph Phillips is retiring this spring from State Museum, Erik Jorgenson is leaving Maine Humanities Council and Richard D’Abate is retiring from the Maine Historical Society

ARRC Funding/Results

  • Briefly reiterated that purpose of ARRC conversation was to assess fairness of resources.
  • ARRC Directors and State Librarian to present draft of metrics to be analyzed by next Commission Meeting.

Maine InfoNet

  • State Librarian briefly summarized MOU being discussed by primary parties involved associated with Maine InfoNet. Specifically, a “Memo of Participation” being crafted by Minerva Board.
  • Significant Conversation ensued about the future of a unified/consolidated catalog and the importance of the Commission’s role (via participation or updates) regarding the future of an integrated catalog. The major components/questions of a lengthy discussion on this important subject are captured through these high-level themes:
    • What is MSL doing/What will it do? What is MSL (and Commission’s) role?
    • How many libraries are not being served through Maine InfoNet?
    • What is Innovative Interfaces Incorporated (TripleIII) doing how will they be a part of integration in the future?
    • Milestones and measurements are critical. What are the benchmarks and timeframes associated who is held accountable?
    • Discussing and a proposal to present a ‘Map’ like architecture to help educate interested parties about the complexities of the systems and relationships involved, and from this architecture, informed decisions/milestones can be made and discussed.
  • Motion made and subsequently approved to form a subcommittee comprised of Commission members, small library (e.g. small and not represented in Maine InfoNet) representation, and Maine InfoNet representation to discuss future steps.

NOTE: Following the Commission Meeting the Maine InfoNet Board met on Thursday, March 7 for their regularly scheduled Board Meeting. At that meeting they appointed a TBD “Small/Not-Represented” Library Director to serve on the Maine InfoNet Board filling an open At Large Seat.

Strategic Plan Update

  • Format of the Strategic Plan ‘update’ Document was commencing and Commission Members agreed to have an updated plan document emailed and mailed to them post meeting. A full Strategic Plan update will be given at the next Commission Meeting.

Consultant Reports

  • Reported that work is being done to establish a joint Public Library Forum and School Library forum on the same day. Survey will be conducted to find out timing.

Other Business

  • Letter to libraries regarding the “definition” of a Public Library was completed and mailed positive feedback thus far.
  • Discussion on Digital Commons took place primarily used by Academic Libraries, this digital resource is significant. MSL, BPL, PPL pursuing opportunities to use as a model for public libraries in the State, with MSL’s emphasis being on Government Documents. Meeting with Digital Commons on March 21.
  • Commission made motion and it was subsequently approved to endorse the idea of pursuing the Digital Commons platform for MSL use.

Motion made to adjourn, meeting adjourned at 2:48 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

James Ritter
MSL, Director of Reader and Information Services