Maine Author Collection


The Maine Author Collection (MAC) includes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction that meets specific criteria explained below. The Maine Room is a temperature-controlled space that is limited to MAC fiction, poetry, and some non-fiction titles as well as historical photograph collections. All copies in the Maine Room are designated “Library Use Only.” Other MACtitles are housed in the circulating collection, with one copy designated for “Library Use Only.”

Maine Author Criteria

A Maine author or illustrator is defined as someone who was born in Maine or fulfills the residence requirement by one of the following: being a long-time Maine summer resident, maintaining a residence in this state, or dividing time between Maine and another location.  Maine college and university faculty who are also full-time Maine residents are included as are presenters/contributors to writing, literary, historic, or academic workshops founded and continuously held in Maine. Should authors leave the state, works written during the time they lived in Maine will be kept in the collection. Likewise, titles by non-native Maine authors will be collected and kept in MAC if such titles are written while the author is a Maine resident.

Special Collection Criteria

Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry titles must meet additional specific criteria for inclusion in MAC. New editions, reprints, or foreign language editions of titles in MAC will be added only if they have substantially new or significantly edited text or are the original versions of works that were previously published in edited versions. Copies of titles by Maine authors that do not meet these criteria and are currently housed in MAC will be shifted to the circulating stacks and become available for loan.

Fiction and Poetry

Inclusion of fiction and poetry in MAC is determined primarily by authorship or publishing credentials. Authors must have a widespread literary reputation, as evidenced by national awards or reviews in national publications, or the titles must be published by national/mainstream publishing houses, academic presses, or specialized poetry presses, or have a Maine publishing imprint other than of the writer.

MAC also includes novels with significant historical, social, or cultural subject matter involving the state of Maine. Short story anthologies will be included if the title does not already appear in a book owned by MSL. Anthologies of poems by poets from Maine and/or the Northeast U.S. will be included.

No more than two copies of each fiction and poetry title will be purchased with one copy being designated "Library Use Only."


  • MAC includes titles by Maine artists and photographers and historically significant books of Maine photographs. One “Library Use Only” copy is collected in addition to two circulating copies.
  • MAC also includes multiple copies of titles about Maine’s history, culture, and natural history as well as socio-cultural studies and titles about Maine’s local history, regardless of the author’s residency. One of these copies is designated “Library Use Only.”
  • Other books from subject areas not wholly or in part about Maine will be assessed on a case-by-case basis; however, there will be at least one copy purchased for “Library Use Only.” There will be one “Library Use Only” copy of genealogies and one circulating copy of cookbooks.
  • Travel guides for Maine are not included in MAC, but older editions of these will be retained in the Storehouse.

Children’s Books

MAC includes one copy of children’s books by Maine authors or illustrators who meet the criteria; likewise, MAC includes one copy of children’s books about Maine by non-Maine authors. Lupine Award winning titles are labeled as such.

Alternative Formats

Purchase of videos, CDs, DVDs, etc., composed, spoken or directed by Maine authors or set in Maine (excluding music CDs) will be purchased if the item is only available in that format and as space allows. The decision to purchase titles in these formats is at the discretion of the State Librarian or his/her designee.

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