Other Special Collections

Maine Vertical File
The Maine Vertical File is a series of files containing pamphlets, clippings from newspapers and magazines not readily available in electronic format, and other types of ephemeral materials. The files are weeded on a continuous cycle designed to refresh each file every three years. The files will be duplicated in digitized format as resources become available.
As many maps and atlases of Maine as possible are included with special emphasis on historical maps. In addition, current maps of Maine and other locations are collected. Contemporary maps are weeded on a continuous cycle designed to refresh local maps every five years or as they become available. The map collection will be duplicated in digitized format as resources become available.
Audio Collection
Contemporary, non-fiction, unabridged audio CDs are collected with an emphasis on the needs of state government employees and members of the Maine State Legislature. Emerging audio technologies will also be considered for purchase.  When unabridged audio books are either unavailable or prohibitively priced, abridgements may be purchased.
A portion of the collection is housed off-site at the Maine State Law & Legislative Reference Library. The off-site collection is rotated twice a year and is weeded on the same schedule as the stacks collection.
Audio editions of fiction titles are well covered by public libraries within MaineCat. They will not be purchased by MSL unless by a Maine author and unavailable in any other format.
In general, periodicals are collected with the same emphasis as the circulating and reference collections. An effort is made to maintain current subscriptions to all Maine newspapers except for those whose content is over 90% advertising.  Newsletters will be considered for collection if they:
  1. Are published in Maine by a Maine-based organization;
  2. Include substantive articles on issues, events, people or places of significance to Maine;
  3. Include articles of current interest and/or historic value to Maine;
  4. Show an indication of being published on a regular basis for an extended time period; and
  5. Are not cost prohibitive.
Federal Government Documents
Although the Maine State Library is no longer a federal depository, federal documents will be collected using highly selective policies. A full federal document depository is located at the University of Maine at Orono and represents “the existence of extensive local collections on a specific subject area outside the State Library.”
Maine State Government Documents
The State Library’s collection of state documents is comprehensive. Each department, bureau, and agency is required by law to deposit copies of its publications with the State Library for retention and distribution to other depository libraries in Maine and elsewhere. Every attempt is made to acquire and maintain state documents including those available only in electronic formats.
Reference Collection
A carefully chosen collection of materials designed to answer ready reference inquiries will be maintained as a separately shelved non-circulating collection. Materials selected for the reference collection will provide unique, factual, up-to-date information not easily found in electronic sources.
Often multiple sources for the same reference materials are available. In those cases, some versions will be placed in the circulating collection. Examples include college directories and dictionaries.  When similar sources do not overlap significantly, for example quotation guides, multiple versions will remain in reference.
Reference materials designed to provide in-depth responses to reference inquiries will be shelved in the circulating collection for use by library patrons throughout Maine.  As needed, entire reference sets will be circulated to libraries throughout the Central Maine District. Where available, preference will be given to adding reference materials in electronic format. Electronic reference sources will be evaluated for the collection based on subject matter, ease of use, and price. When possible, access to electronic reference sources will be made available to off-site patrons.

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