Designing a Library Survey

The files below require either Microsoft Word or the Word Viewer.


Guidelines for Designing a Library Survey [Word, 31 KB]: things to consider when developing, desigining , and distributing a survey

Sample Surveys

  1. Assessing Library Customer Attitudes, [Word, 32KB]
  2. Assessing Patron Attitudes: Scale-Based Evaluation, [Word, 23KB]
  3. Patron/User Survey, [Word, 26KB]
  4. Patron Survey, [Word, 60KB]
  5. Another Patron Survey, [Word, 51KB]
  6. Library User Survey, [Word, 27KB]
  7. Adult Program Survey [Word, 27KB]
  8. Adult 55+ Survey [Word, 28 KB]; Contributed by Liz Doucett at Curtis Memorial Library
  9. Community Survey-1 [Word, 33KB]
  10. Community Survey-2 [Word, 26KB]
  11. Community Survey-3[Word, 41KB]

Other Sample Library Community Surveys