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Volume VI, Issue 3 March 2003


Voice Response System ‘Super Sized’

By Julie Mecham

The Division of Support Enforcement and Recovery (DSER) is significantly enhancing their Voice Response System (VRU). Up until now, a custodial parent could call the VRU and listen to recorded information about their child support case. The new and improved system, which is scheduled to go into production in March, will become interactive by allowing the custodial parent to also leave information and make requests through the VRU.

Additional security measures will be taken with the enhanced system requiring the custodial parent to enter a personal identification number (PIN) to gain access to information on their child support case.

People who do not have an active child support case can call the VRU and request DSER services. (No PIN is required for this action since there is no financial data to access.) The caller leaves their name and address, and DSER will mail out an application for services.

Suppose a custodial parent on a child support case was receiving child support payments regularly, but payments suddenly stopped. The custodial parent can call the VRU and hear collection and disbursement activity that occurred during the last 60 days. If collections and/or disbursements have stopped, the caller can select the VRU option to bring this to the attention of DSER, for appropriate action. If transactions occurred, but the caller feels disbursements are incorrect, s/he can enter a dispute and DSER will look into it. If a check is lost or destroyed a replacement check can be requested through the VRU.

Callers to the VRU can also choose to change the way they receive their child support payments. They can request to change from paper checks to direct deposit or from direct deposit to paper checks. They can request to change their direct deposit payment to a different bank account, or stop direct deposit altogether.

Suppose a custodial parent has information about the non-custodial parent that s/he would like to report to DSER. Information about the non-custodial parent’s home address, phone number, assets, licenses, place of employment or other business information may be reported on the VRU. The custodial parent can also update his/her own home address and phone number, or request to have their support order reviewed.

These enhancements should make it easier for the custodial parent to communicate with DSER and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Julie Mecham is a Systems Analyst for the Bureau of Information Services and can be contacted at


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