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Policy Forms Used by the 10 Largest Private Passenger Automobile Insurance Groups in Maine

As an informational resource for consumers, the Maine Bureau of Insurance offers on this Web page free, downloadable copies of private passenger automobile insurance policy forms and mandatory amendatory endorsements offered by the 10 largest insurance groups writing private passenger automobile insurance in Maine. The 10 groups were identified on the basis of market share by direct written premium, using 2013 data.


  1. State Farm Insurance Companies – 2013 Market Share: 14%
  2. Progressive Insurance Group – 2013 Market Share: 14%
  3. Liberty Mutual Group – 2013 Market Share: 10%
  4. GEICO – 2013 Market Share: 8%
  5. Allstate Insurance Group – 2013 Market Share: 8%
  6. Concord Group Insurance Companies – 2012 Market Share: 5.1%
  7. USAA Insurance Group – 2013 Market Share: 4%
  8. Metropolitan Insurance Group – 2013 Market Share: 4%
  9. Travelers Group – 2013 Market Share: 3%
  10. Quincy Mutual Group – 2013 Market Share: 3%



This web page includes downloadable copies of basic personal automobile policy documents on file with the Bureau of Insurance. These documents are from the ten largest groups of personal automobile insurers in Maine. This is based on their direct written premium, using 2013 market share data.

By using this page, you agree that:
  • The policy documents on this page are a free service to anyone interested in the Maine personal automobile insurance market. The documents are for information only. The Maine Bureau of Insurance is not in any manner endorsing, recommending, promoting, or commenting on the quality of, any particular insurer’s product, or implying that the products listed on this page are the only insurance products available in the personal automobile insurance market. Many other insurers write this coverage in Maine. You should shop around for the company and product that best suit your insurance needs.
  • This page lists only basic personal automobile policy documents. Insurers might have other policy forms that change the terms of the policy documents on this list. You would need to contact the insurers or one of their agents for information about coverage not included in the listed policy documents.
  • You should read the policy documents carefully to see what perils they cover and exclude. The fact that one insurer uses a longer policy form or has more attachments to the form does not mean that those documents cover more perils than those of another insurer that uses shorter or fewer policy documents.
  • The Bureau has used its best efforts to post only current and accurate information on this page. The Bureau does not guarantee that the policy documents are any insurer’s most current forms or that a particular person will meet an insurer’s underwriting requirements for the coverage represented by any form on this page. The Bureau does not make any other guarantees, express or implied, as to this information. The Bureau of Insurance reserves the right to remove or change this page at any time.

Forms by Group and Company

1. State Farm Insurance Companies:


2. Progressive Insurance Group:


3. Liberty Mutual Group:


4. GEICO Group:


5. Allstate Insurance Group:


6. Concord Group Insurance Companies:


7. USAA Insurance Group:


8. Metropolitan Insurance Group:


9. Travelers Insurance Group:


10. Quincy Mutual Group:


  • Patrons Oxford Insurance Company



Last Updated: August 5, 2014