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Bulletins by Category

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General | Company Filing Requirements and Reports


Life and Health
Life and Health | Health Insurance | Long Term Care | Medicare Supplement | Life and Annuities


Property and Casualty
Automobile Insurance | Worker's Compensation | Miscellaneous

Producer/Agency Compliance


Bulletin 383 Electronic Payment Convenience Fees
Bulletin 379 "Safe Harbor" Privacy Notice Forms
Bulletin 378 Changes to the Nonadmitted Insurance Laws
Bulletin 358 Business Continuity Planning
Bulletin 351 Effect of the People’s Veto on the Maine Individual Reinsurance Association and the Market Provisions of the 2008 Health Reform Act
Bulletin 349 Required Reporting of Disciplinary Actions Pursuant to the Military Personnel Financial Services Protection Act, Pub. L. No. 109-290 (2006)
Bulletin 345 Notice of Risk to Personal Data Act
Bulletin 339 "Best Practices" Market Conduct Initiatives
Bulletin 324 Treatment of Returning Armed Services Personnel
Bulletin 320 Certification of Compliance with Prohibition against Political Contributions
Bulletin 315 Anti-Money-Laundering Provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act
Bulletin 308 Consumer Privacy Obligations of Regulated Insurance Entities
Bulletin 305 Uniform Effective Date for Privacy Standards Under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Bulletin 279 Antifraud Plans
Bulletin 269 Appointment of Agent for Service of Process
Bulletin 234 Requirements for bond forms
Bulletin 168 Pre-effective date confidentiality of certain form and rate filings
Bulletin 158 Tie-in sales

Company Filing Requirements and Reports

Bulletin 393 Service Contract Provider and Administrator Registration Requirements
Bulletin 375 Health Insurance Changes Required by the Affordable Care Act: Form Filing, Approval and Notice Requirements
Bulletin 360 Electronic Submission of Rate and Form Filings
Bulletin 359 Health Insurance Emergency Planning and Procedures (Emergency Rule) 30 Day Extension and Alternative Notification for Insurers with Less Than 500 Covered Lives
Bulletin 355

Permitted Accounting Practices

Implementation Guidance for Bulletin 355

Bulletin 350 Statistical Reports Required of Insurers Using the 2001 CSO Preferred Class Structure Table
Bulletin 333 Medical Liability Claim Reports
Bulletin 292 Reporting Forms for Mandated Benefits
Bulletin 286-A Revised Supplemental Health Insurance Reporting Form
Bulletin 283 Medical Liability Claim Reports
Bulletin 277 Filing requirements for property and casualty tier rated programs
Bulletin 241 Loss cost and rate filing procedures workers' compensation insurance
Bulletin 238 Filing procedures for property/casualty forms, rates, and rules
Bulletin 176 Property and casualty insurance prospective loss cost filing procedures
Bulletin 166 Disclosure of workers' compensation reserving policy
Bulletin 149 Liquor liability insurance: reporting requirements for insurers
Bulletin 146 Life and health filing requirement
Bulletin 131 Investments for group self-insurers
Bulletin 108 Filing statistical information by property and casualty companies

Life and Health

Life and Health

Bulletin 401 Transitional Renewal of Large Group Health Insurance Policies for Groups with 51 to 100 Employees
Bulletin 253-A Group insurance purchased by unlicensed financial institutions
Bulletin 253 Group insurance purchased by unlicensed financial institutions
Bulletin 225 Credit insurance commission issues
Bulletin 161 Unfair discrimination against the handicapped

Health Insurance

Bulletin 397
Bulletin 396 Requirements for Fixed Indemnity Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act - Appx A - Appx B
Bulletin 394 Student Health Insurance Plans
Bulletin 392

Revised Uniform Deadlines for Rate, Form, and QHP FilingsFor Non-Grandfathered Individual and Small Group Health PlansWith Effective Dates of Coverage During 2015

Bulletin 390 Timeline for Rate, Form, and QHP Filings
For Non-Grandfathered Individual and Small Group Health Plans
Bulletin 388

Interim Certification of Health Insurance Navigators

Bulletin 386 Timeline for Non-Grandfathered Small Group Health Plan Filings
Bulletin 382 Implementation of Wellnes Programs
Bulletin 377 "Any Willing Pharmacy" Requirements
Bulletin 365 Savings Offset Payments
Bulletin 356 Continuation of Coverage after Temporary Layoff in Non-COBRA Plans
Bulletin 343 New Law Affecting Health Insurance Covering Dependents
Bulletin 342 Timing Requirements and Filing Fees for Health Insurance Rate Filings
Bulletin 337 Clarification of Applicability of Rule 755 to Group Health Insurance Certificates
Bulletin 335 Coverage of Mental Health Providers Under Health Insurance Policies
Bulletin 332 Health Insurance Annual Report Supplement - Amended "Short" Form
Bulletin 326 Health Insurance: New Rule 755 - Clarification
Bulletin 323 Continuity of Health Insurance: Waiting Periods not Counted as Break in Coverage
Bulletin 311 Individual Medical Insurance: Notice of Rate Increases and Right to Request Hearing
Bulletin 307 Employee Leasing Arrangements and the Small Group Health Law
Bulletin 306 Miscellaneous Health Insurance Issues
Bulletin 304 An Act to Update and Amend the Preferred Provider Arrangement
Bulletin 303 Small Group Health Insurance - Association Groups
Bulletin 301 Clarification of Health Insurance Laws
Bulletin 294 Newborn Coverage
Bulletin 293 Drug Benefits in Standard and Basic Health Plans
Bulletin 292 Reporting Forms for Mandated Benefits
Bulletin 291 Health Plan Grievance and Appeal Processes
Bulletin 288 Health Insurance - Grace Periods
Bulletin 285 Small Group Health Insurance: Eligibility Standards
Bulletin 273 Employee And Spouse Rates Under Small Group Health Insurance
Bulletin 266 Length of Inpatient Maternity Stays
Bulletin 265 Utilization Review Determinations
Bulletin 263 Disclosure requirements for short-term policies
Bulletin 260-A Provider networks
Bulletin 260 Provider networks
Bulletin 252 Guaranteed issue requirements in the small group and individual health insurance market: switching from a high deductible to a low deductible policy
Bulletin 245 Small group health insurance: miscellaneous issues
Bulletin 240 Small group and individual health insurance: guarantee issue and the prohibition against tie-in sales requirements
Bulletin 237 Educational and training standards in preferred provider arrangements
Bulletin 230 Individual and group health insurance
Bulletin 224 Coinsurance on mental health and substance abuse benefits
Bulletin 221 Small group health insurance: participation requirements
Bulletin 218 Small group health insurance:l guarantee issue and inforce policy exclusions
Bulletin 212 Small group health insurance: commission scales
Bulletin 211 Small group health insurance: clarification
Bulletin 210 Small group health insurance
Bulletin 206 Definitions related to diagnosis and treatment of infertility
Bulletin 188 Court mandated substance abuse treatment
Bulletin 184 Continuity of health insurance and "actively at work" requirements
Bulletin 179 Applicability of continuity of health insurance statute
Bulletin 174 Continuity of health insurance
Bulletin 159 Application of utilization review programs to mandated benefits for the treatment of mental illness, alcoholism, and drug dependency
Bulletin 156 Reports of pre-utilization review

Long Term Care

Bulletin 381 Long-Term Care Partnership Exchanges
Bulletin 369 Inflation Protection Requirements for Long-Term Care Partnership Policies
Bulletin 368 Implementation of the Maine Long-Term Care Partnership Program
Bulletin 367 Announcement of Maine's Long-Term Care Partnership Program
Bulletin 363 Inflation Protection Requirements for Long-Term Care Partnership Policies (Superseded by Bulletin 369)
Bulletin 362 Implementation of the Maine Long-Term Care Partnership Program (Superseded by Bulletin 368)
Bulletin 361 Announcement of Maine’s Long-Term Care Partnership Program (Superseded by Bulletin 367)

Medicare Supplement

Bulletin 385 Medigap Guaranteed Issue for Dual Eligibles
Bulletin 354 Retrospective Denials of Medicare Supplement Claims
Bulletin 340 Marketing Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans
Bulletin 327 Standardized Medicare Supplement Rate Relationships to Benefits Covered
Bulletin 251 Revised federal requirements for coverage which overlaps Medicare

Life and Annuities

Bulletin 389 Updated NAIC Annuity Buyer’s Guide
Bulletin 376 Retained Asset Accounts
Bulletin 374 Life Insurance Policyholder Notice
Bulletin 370 Implementation of Life Insurance Policyholder Notice Requirement
Bulletin 338 Deferred, Non-variable Annuities; Implementation of Amended Formula for Calculating Nonforfeiture Values
Bulletin 318 Implementation of the Act to Reduce the Minimum Interest Rate for Nonforfeiture
Bulletin 199 Claims paying ability and credit rating downgrade bail-out provisions in annuity contracts

Property and Casualty

Automobile Insurance

Bulletin 387 Motor Vehicle Glass and Collision Damage Repair (Supersedes Bulletin 336)
Bulletin 357 Coercive Claim Settlement Activity
Bulletin 346 Uninsured Motorist Coverage Government Vehicle Exclusion
Bulletin 336 Motor Vehicle Glass and Collision Damage Repair (Superseded by Bulletin 387)
Bulletin 334 Automobile Insurance Rating and Underwriting of Insureds Based on Advancing Age Prohibited
Bulletin 330 Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Bulletin 313 Mandatory Automobile Insurance Premium Discount For Safe, Mature Drivers
Bulletin 276 Increased Minimum Limits Requirement Motor Vehicle Insurance - Supersedes Bulletin 268
Bulletin 246 Collision damage coverage on rental cars: third party claimants without collision coverage applicable to a rental car
Bulletin 182 Insurance identification cards
Bulletin 164 Youthful operators


Bulletin 398 Hurricane Deductible Zones

Worker's Compensation

Bulletin 320 Certification of Compliance with Prohibition against Political Contributions
Bulletin 242 Use of self insurance for experience rating by insurers
Bulletin 198 Medical deductible for workers compensation


Bulletin 400 Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2015 -- Disclosure No. 1 -- Disclosure No. 2
Bulletin 395 Best Practices for Online Continuing Education Providers
Bulletin 372 Notice to Lenders upon Policy Termination
Bulletin 364 Insurance Coverage for Family Child Care Providers
Bulletin 353 Post-Judgment Interest
Bulletin 331 Coinsurance Disclosures
Bulletin 329 Implementation of the Act to Ensure Fairness Regarding Use of Consumer Credit Reports in Insurance Underwriting
Bulletin 316 Personal Lines Insurance; Effect of Agency Termination on Policy Renewal
Bulletin 233 Property/casualty rebating -- law: permissible commission reduction
Bulletin 201 Counting statutory notice
Bulletin 194 Measuring the loss: inclusion of sales tax in total loss settlements
Bulletin 143 Roll-on coverages

Producer/Agency Compliance

Bulletin 399 Commissions on Travel Insurance Sales
Bulletin 384 Personal Lines Agency Terminations and Book Rollovers
Bulletin 384 Rebates–Guidance for Producers
Bulletin 380 Repeal of Independent Producer License Authority
Bulletin 373 Public Adjusters
Bulletin 347 Producer Training - Long-Term Care Insurance Policies
Bulletin 344 Flood Insurance Training Requirements for Insurance Producers with a Property Line of Authority Selling through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
Bulletin 328 Placement of Insurance in Surplus Lines Market
Bulletin 271 Responsibility for Training and Supervision of Producers

Last Updated: February 24, 2015