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Homeowners Insurance Company Contact List

We have removed "Contact List for Residential Property Insurance" from our website. Here are a few things you should know about insurance companies, their products and where to shop for those products.  
Maine law generally allows an insurance company to issue a cancellation notice on a new homeowners policy within the first 90 days for any reason. Consequently, the insurer may decide during this period that it does not want to insure you if there are conditions that do not meet its underwriting guidelines for new business. However, Maine law does restrict the insurer’s ability to cancel during this 90 day period: 

  • A company cannot cancel (or refuse to issue) a property insurance policy based solely on the age of the property without considering its current condition.
  • A company cannot refuse to issue a property insurance policy solely because the previous owner of the property submitted claims for losses on the property.
  • A company cannot refuse to issue a property insurance policy solely on the basis of credit information. 

The Bureau of Insurance does not refer consumers to specific insurance entities, however most insurance companies and many producers advertise. Check the newspaper and yellow pages of the phone book for companies and producers in your area. In addition, contact your neighbors, relatives, and friends for recommendations on insurance companies and producers. Ask them about their experience regarding price and service. In particular, ask them what kind of claim service they have received from the companies they recommend.  If you work through a producer, ask for several quotes and comparisons of coverage and rates.  You can also get quotes directly from some companies. 
If you are having difficulty insuring your property you may need to contact a producer who has access to the surplus lines market. That market is often willing to write risks that the standard market—insurers admitted to transact insurance in Maine—will not write. If you choose to investigate the surplus lines market be sure to ask your agent to explain the significant differences between the admitted and surplus markets.

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Last Updated: August 22, 2012