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How Do I...? - Travel & Recreation

How do I find a city or town website?

See the Maine.gov Local Government Portal. You can view a list of all counties and towns, or search for a specific county or town. Every Maine county, city, and town has a page on Maine.gov, with contact information, facts, officials, and other resources.

How do I plan my vacation in Maine?

See our Plan Your Trip page for basic tourism and travel information, or the Travel & Recreation pages for information about arts and culture, accessibility for the disabled, destinations and attractions, dining and food, events, fairs, and festivals, family fun, lodging, outdoor recreation, shopping, tours and trails. You may also want to visit the Maine Office of Tourism website at http://www.visitmaine.com/ and the Maine Tourism Associaton website at http://www.mainetourism.com/ .

How do I request a Maine guidebook?

Order the official Maine visitors' guidebook online at http://www.visitmaine.com/guidebook/request.php or call the Maine Office of Tourism at 1-888-624-6345. Other Maine guidebooks are also available.

How do I find maps of Maine?

See our Maine.gov Maps page for a variety of map resources. You may request a free travel planner from the Maine Office of Tourism at http://www.visitmaine.com/guidebook/request.php .

How do I reserve a state campsite?

State campgrounds are very popular, so reserve your site early. You can reserve online at http://www.maine.gov/doc/parks/reservations/ or call 1-800-332-1501 from within Maine, (207) 287-3824 from out of state. Note that Baxter State Park campsites are handled separately - for information visit http://www.baxterstateparkauthority.com

How do I find out about Maine driving laws and highways?

Visit the Driving Laws & Roads page for information about laws, roads, and road conditions.