2012 Sales, Use and Service Provider Tax Seminar Schedule

Maine Revenue Services has organized a number of industry specific sales, use and service provider tax seminars to be held in various locations across the state between April and November.  If you are involved in any of the mentioned industries, plan on attending these informative seminars.  Click here for dates and locations!

With the exception of October, each location will consist of short seminars covering the following topics:

Sales, Use and Service Provider Tax Overview
General overview for any new sales, use or service provider tax account, anyone who has never attended a general sales tax seminar before or any retailer of general merchandise not being covered by one of the following sessions.

Overview specifically for sellers of heating oil, natural gas, propane, wood, coal, wood pellets, kerosene, water, electricity, cable and satellite television service and telephone service, including persons engaged in installing, repairing or maintaining telecommunications equipment and persons engaged in the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Manufacturers and Fabricators
Overview for any manufacturer or fabricator regardless of size; for instance paper, wood products, furniture, boats, printing, clothing, food processing, crafts, etc.;  entities engaged in generating radio or television signals;  entities exempt under Pine Tree Zone; any retailer selling to manufacturers.

Sales and use tax overview for all types of contractors; for instance general contractors, carpenters, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, flooring, drywall, roofing, excavation, and landscapers; any retailer selling to contractors.

Food and lodging industry
Overview for anyone involved in food and lodging, for instance restaurants, sandwich shops, caterers, dairy bars, vending, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels, motels, resorts and campgrounds; any retailer selling to restaurants and hotels.

OctoberAnnual Sales, Use and Service Provider Tax Symposium

This year’s symposium is totally revamped.  In addition to an overview of key areas of sales, use and service provider tax, the agenda will include a review of recent law changes, policies, changes to sales tax bulletins, recent issues of interest, navigating our website, common questions and issues with IFile, common audit issues and adjustments, and a review of the highlights from our monthly industry specific seminars.  In addition, time will be dedicated for a general Q&A session, where the attendees’ questions will drive the presentation.  This symposium addresses both new attendees as well as those who have attended a symposium in the past and would like to keep informed about changes in the law and receive a refresher course on applying the law to the business they represent.