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Maine State Archives' Archaeological Research Program

Based on a bequest from the late Elizabeth D. Odiorne of Brunswick, the Maine State Archives has established a program to support archaeological work within Maine that has a relationship to archival material. After an initial series of grants from the principal, the Archives has established a policy of offering small grants (up to $1,500) annually from interest income. The annual amount available, currently about $4,000, will grow gradually since a portion of earnings will be retained to expand the principal base.
Proposal Deadlines
Proposals are due in the Maine State Archives, or must be postmarked, by March 15th, to assure an opportunity for consideration (see application for details). They will be reviewed and grants awarded by April 30th. Proposals received after this deadline may be considered following determinations on earlier proposals.
Grant Period and Reports
Grants are for one year and carry the condition that a final report must be submitted at the end of the project but in any case not later than three months after the close of the grant period.
Reports must follow the format in the "Application for Maine State Archives Archaeological Research Grant." The narrative should describe actual progress and any changes from original plan of work. The status of other aspects of the original application may be noted as “no change” or by specifying changes and a brief explanation of them.
Application Procedure
Applicants are encouraged to consult with the State Archivist informally about proposals. To be formally considered, an original application and five copies must be submitted following the format in “Application for Maine State Archives Archaeological Research Grant.”
Proposals will be reviewed by outside reviewers for technical suitability and importance. Reviewer’s comments will be considered by the Maine Historical Records Advisory Board in its recommendation to the State Archivist for award of the grants.

Application for Maine State Archives Archaeological Research Grant

Applications following the format below must be received in the Maine State Archives, or postmarked, by March 15th for assured consideration.

Proposals received by e-mail by the deadline will be considered if a paper copy is received within five days.

Inquiries may be directed to the Maine State Archives at State House Station #84, Augusta, Maine 04333 0084. Telephone: (207) 287-5790 E-Mail:

Project Title
A brief, descriptive title of project.
Project Narrative
A two-page narrative description of the project, outlining its purpose, significance, goals, intended product, and plan of work.
Indicate how the requested funds are to be used. If they supplement other funds, note the overall budget and how requested funds relate to it. In either case, briefly state the allocation of total project costs among the following:
  1. Salaries, Wages, Benefits
    Name, title of position, total amount
  2. Consultant Fees
    Name, nature of consultation, total amount
  3. Travel - purposes and amount
  4. Supplies and Material - items, cost
  5. Services (telephone, postage, printing, etc.) - services, cost
  6. Other Costs – items, cost
  • Total Project Costs: $
  • Requested Funds: $
A statement of the availability of facilities and major items of equipment to be supplied by the applicant or others.
A list of all personnel directly associated with the project, including the amount of time that each participant will devote to it.
For project director and other key project personnel, with related job descriptions.