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  • NHPRC Grants
  • National Historical Publications and Records Commission Grants for Maine projects 1980-2012

Maine Historical Records Advisory Board


The Board's mission is to coordinate and encourage the preservation of and access to historical records in a variety of ways. These include providing information and training to those responsible for such records; guiding the preparation of grant requests to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC); reviewing those requests; developing an informational base regarding the condition and needs of historical records; promoting the importance of historical records to policy-makers and the general public, and encouraging priority preservation and access projects through advice, grant reviews and a regrant program.

The Board pursues collaborative ventures, where appropriate, such as advising the State Archives on its archaeological- archival materials grant program and coordinating Board planning with Maine Archives and Museums, an association of organizations and individuals providing educational programs, public support, and volunteer consulation services to the archival and museum community in Maine.

The Board's mission is framed by the Executive Order creating it, regulations developed by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, and by the Board's interpretation of its role as the lead coordinating entity in the state regarding historical records.


Maine Historical Records Advisory Board Meetings

The next meeting of the Maine Historical Records Advisory Board (MHRAB) will be at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, July 22.  The meeting will be held in the conference room at the Maine State Library.  The Board will be discussing its Strategic Plan. 

MHRAB meetings are open to the public. For more information, contact Janet Roberts (287-5791;


Information and Training for Caretakers of Historical Records

Information about archival and other cultural matters, grants, and training opportunities is publicized through the Maine Cultural Organizations List Serve. To subscribe, go to

Training opportunities are provided through a series of self-funded workshops, usually held twice a year.


Regrant Program

The MHRAB's grant program for historical records in Maine is funded by the NHPRC.


Informational Base and Planning for the MHRAB and Historical Records

Maine Historical Records Advisory Board: Strategic Plan 2014-2019.doc (Word Document 63K)

The latest version of a continuously evolving document and guide for the Board.  The Plan provides direction for the Board and establishes priority areas for recommending funding support for its own grant program and for requests to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC).


Historical Records in Maine Report.doc (Word document)

This February 2002 report is a response to LD 1020, which gave the Maine State Archives and the University of Maine a mandate to develop "a comprehensive plan providing for assessing:

1. The condition of historical records in the State;

2. Threats to the integrity of those records; and

3. Accessibility of those records."