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2014 Rule-making Adoption (PDF)

This is the actual Rules Adoption form showing the enacted changes to the Chapter 10 Rules.

Notice of Agency Rule-making Proposal (PDF)

    These are proposed Chapter 10 changes being submitted for Legislation.

Local Government Record Retention Schedules

The Maine State Archives, through the Archives Advisory Board, establishes rules for the disposition of local government records.  It is against the law to sell or give away government records in Maine. The rules are adopted pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act. Comments and suggestions for changes or additions may be directed to Tammy Marks, Director of Records Management Services at 207-287-5799.

Local Government Retention Schedules - revised September 2014

Chapter 10: Rules for Disposition of Local Government Records (Word) (PDF)

General schedules for local governments identify records often crossing agency boundaries. Other schedules, including those for county officials, law enforcement, town officials, schools, fire departments, jails, are listed by specific headings.

Schedules by Individual Headings (all are in Word format)

Updates for Schedules A, E, G and I to reflect the 2014 Rule-making.

Other Information (from other agencies, states, etc.)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Surveillance Records (pdf, 274KB)

Water Testing Records (pdf, 87KB)

Health Records (pdf, 39KB)