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Electronic Records

Policy on Preservation of State Government Records (printable PDF, 226 kb)

Preservation of State Government Records Acknowledgement Form

Email from Secretary of State Matt Dunlap - October 30, 2013

Dear fellow state worker;

As public employees we all have an obligation to properly retain and preserve the records we create and receive in the course of our official duties.  With that in mind, please find attached a new policy regarding retention of public records; both paper and those that originate in electronic form. The authority from which this policy emanates can be found in the Maine Constitution, Article V, Part Second and M.R.S., Title 5, Chapter 6, Section 95, §7 .

This policy is being distributed statewide to raise awareness of our obligation to manage and preserve our historical and archival records and also to provide you with tools to be able to comply with the requirements.  No record that falls under the scope of the Public Records Act may be discarded, deleted, or destroyed.

If you have questions after reviewing the policy, please seek guidance from your Agency’s Records Officer or contact the Maine State Archives, Records Management Division at 287-5798.   

Matt Dunlap
Secretary of State