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State Agency Records Officers and Assistants (October 2014)

The head of each state agency or local government agency shall establish and maintain an active, continuing program for the economical and efficient management of any records in compliance with the standards, procedures and regulations issued by the State Archivist. – from Title 5, §95.

Part of this management of agency records under Title 5 is for agencies to appoint a Records Officer.

  • The records officer will be responsible for the economical and efficient management of all records for that agency, including digital records, in compliance with the policies of the State Archivist.
  • The person chosen as records officer should have a thorough knowledge of the organization and its functions, as well as sufficient authority to carry out the duties and sufficient time to do so.
  • Any new schedules or amendments submitted to the Maine State Archives must be signed by the agency records officer.
  • The records officer will ensure that assistant records officers are appointed for each unit within the agency.

State Agency Records Officer Duties and Qualifications

Basics of Records Management (pdf, 737KB) (rtf version) - a basic training presentation on records, schedules and Records Center services

Below are printable (PDF) listings of State Agency Records Officers and Assistants. They will be updated on a quarterly basis. If you require the list in a different format, please contact Records Management and one will be emailed to you.

Independent Agencies

(90) Independent Agencies - Regulatory

  • Animal Welfare Board (none)
  • Local Government Records Board (none)
  • Maine Health Care Finance Commission (none)
  • Maine Health Data Organization
  • State Board of Education (none)
  • Workers Compensation Board

(92) Independent Agencies - Advisory (none)

  • Adv. Comm. on Fair Competition  Private Enterprise
  • Advisory Comm. on Radioactive Waste
  • Archives Advisory Board
  • Cancer Prevention & Control Advisory Committee
  • Developmental Disabilities Council
  • Health Policy Advisory Council
  • Lobster Advisory Council
  • Maine Commission on Mental Health
  • Maine Committee on Aging
  • Women, Commission for
  • Workers Compensation Ins. Comm. to Study

(94)(95) Independent Agencies - Other

  • Atlantic Salmon Commission
  • Baxter State Park Authority
  • Dirigo Health (none)
  • Finance Authority of Maine
  • Gov. Ethics & Election Practices Comm.
  • Historic Preservation (none)
  • Human Rights Commission (none)
  • Maine Arts Commission
  • Maine Municipal Bond Bank (none)
  • Maine Sardine Council (none)
  • Maine Science & Technology Foundation (none)
  • Maine State Library (none)
  • Maine State Museum
  • Maine State Retirement System
  • Maine Waste Management Agency (none)
  • Me. Health & Higher Educ. Facilities
  • State Board of Property Tax Review
  • State Civil Service Appeals Board

(99) Independent Agencies - Not State

  • Baxter Compensation Authority (none)
  • Community College System (none)
  • Maine State Housing Authority