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Disabled Veteran Parking Plate

Image of Disabled Veteran Parking plate

Effective July 12, 2010, Maine will be issuing, to qualified Veterans, a Disabled Veteran Parking license plate.  This plate bears the flag on the left and the universal disability symbol on the far right.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does the Disabled Veteran Parking license plate cost?
A: Veterans who qualify for 100% Service Connected plates will be exempt from paying the registration fee.  Depending on qualification, a veteran may or may not be exempt from excise tax, title fees and sales tax. The plates will be issued in a unique numbering sequence, beginning with 111A through 999Z.  Disabled Veteran Parking vanity plates are not allowed.  

Q: Are there any special requirements?
A: The Veterans must be permanently disabled, receiving 100% compensation and must file or have on file, in the Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ Main Office, a letter from the Veterans Administration stating that he/she is permanently service-connected disabled. 

Q: May I use my Veteran Commemorative Decal?
A: No, the veteran commemorative decals can be used only with the standard Special Veteran plate or the Disability Special Veteran plate. Refer to available veterans plates.

Q: Where can I obtain the Disabled Veteran Parking plates?
A: First time registrations may be done only at the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicle Main Office or by mailing a request, along with a copy of your registration and letter from the Veterans Administration to: Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registration Unit, 29 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333.

For more information on the Disabled Veteran Parking plate or any other Maine license plate, please contact the Registration Unit at (207) 624-9000, Extension 52149 or by Email: