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April 11, 2006
Contact: Jim Henderson, Maine State Archivist
Phone: 207-287-5793

Maine National History Day Winners Announced

Forty Students Eligible for National Finals

AUGUSTA, MAINE -- Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap and Maine Archivist Jim Henderson announced on Tuesday that forty Maine students have qualified to participate in the National History Day academic competition this June in Maryland.  Qualifying students were selected at the state finals of Maine History Day on April 7 th in Augusta.

“Maine History Day is a unique event.  It enables students to showcase their knowledge of history and gain recognition for going above and beyond traditional classroom assignments.  This program brings out the best in Maine students, and I’m pleased that 40 are now eligible to represent our state at the National Finals,” Secretary Dunlap commented.

More than 100 students in grades 6-12 took part in the state finals.  In addition to Dunlap and Henderson, students heard from Governor John E. Baldacci, who majored in history at the University of Maine.  The speakers congratulated participants for their creativity, initiative and scholarship.

Prior to the state finals, participating students selected and explored a broad historical theme.  They prepared papers, projects or presentations for the statewide competition.  Those entries were then reviewed by panels of expert judges, with awards presented to the top three selections in 12 separate categories. 

The first and second finishers in each category became eligible for the National Finals to be held June 11-15, 2006 at the University of Maryland.  A complete list of Junior and Senior Division winners accompanies this press release.   Cape Elizabeth Middle School in the Junior Division and Bonny Eagle High School in the Senior Division were recognized as overall school winners based on the combined total of their top finishers.

Maine National History Day is organized by the Maine State Archives and Office of the Secretary of State in cooperation with the National History Day program (, which engages approximately 700,000 students nationwide each year.  Additional information about Maine’s National History Day competition is available at


2006 Winners

Junior Group Documentary

3rd Place An Ordinary Girl And An Extraordinary Difference

Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary
Esther Adams
Ann Dunham
Moriah Nutter
Autumn Robbins

2nd Place Why Move When You Can Start A Movement

Cape Elizabeth Middle School
Emily Attwood
Meredith Riker

1st Place Girls Just Want To Have Fun Cape Elizabeth Middle School
Macauley Cliffe
Kristin Kerney

Junior Individual Documentary

3rd Place Jackie Robinson Story

Loranger Middle School
John Regis

2nd Place The Utopian Peach

Cape Elizabeth Middle School
Peter Brigham

1st Place Galileo Galilei: Thinker Beyond His World Gorham Middle School
Nicholas Reynolds

Junior Group Exhibit

3rd Place The Rhythma of Protest

Loranger Middle School
Kelsea Dixon
Tricia Evangelista

2nd Place Dodging the Curveball Called Color

Cape Elizabeth Middle School
Grant Backer
Will Pierce

1st Place My Name Is Samantha Smith Bonny Eagle Middle School
Lauren Gowell
Mariel VanAtta

Junior Individual Exhibit

3rd Place Rosa Parks: A Civil Rights Legend

Loranger Middle School
Keturah Smith

2nd Place Taking a Stand in History: The Siege of Masada

Brunswick Junior High School
Christian Schneider

1st Place The Buck Stopped At Hiroshima: Was Truman
Right To Take His Stand?
Brunswick Junior High School
Isaac Turner

Junior Historical Paper

3rd Place Ida Tarbell: Muckraker Beyond Belief

Loranger Middle School
James McDermott

2nd Place Equal To Any Man

Cape Elizabeth Middle School
Cidney Mayes

1st Place The Struggle For The Protection Of Free Speech:
Taking A Stand Against Book Banning and Burning
Bonny Eagle Middle School
Eric Trumble

Junior Group Performance

3rd Place Jackie Robinson

Loranger Middle School
Matt Bourgault
Sebastian Grass
Joe Plasse

2nd Place The Birth of Abortion

Cape Elizabeth Middle School
Gabe Donahue
Jack Fisher

1st Place The Cause Loranger Middle School
Jessica Gagne
Randi Gribbin
Kate Nowicki
Steph Nowicki
Ashley Seavey

Junior Individual Performance

3rd Place Soldier

Loranger Middle School
Michael Ames

2nd Place Susan B. Anthony

Loranger Middle School
Veronica Hood

1st Place The Meeting-Robinson And Rickey Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary
Andrew Babbitt

Senior Group Documentary

2nd Place The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson: Courageous
Republican Senators Take A Stand

Skowhegan Area High School
Robert Davis
Steven Mess
Brian Pratt
Joel Wing

1st Place Savior Of France: Joan of Arc and Her Stand in History South Portland High School
Kathryn Card
Brianna Wing

Senior Individual Documentary

3rd Place 4 Cultural Aspects of Athenian Society and Their
Influence on Modern America

Cheverus High School
Bridget Thomas

2nd Place Curt Flood--Challenging Baseball's Reserve Clause

Skowhegan Area High School
Eric Axelman

1st Place Declaration of a Conscience Skowhegan Area High School
Kathleen Wilber

Senior Group Exhibit

3rd Place Boston Tea Party

Ellsworth High School
Chris Carney
Tyne Foss

2nd Place Kent State - Students Take A Stand Against War

Bonny Eagle High School
Jessica Pratt
Kalie Stevens

1st Place

Defiance in Leaps and bounds: Jesse Owens and
the 1936 Berlin Olympics

Bonny Eagle High School
Lukas Boucher
Casey McKague

Senior Individual Exhibit

3rd Place The Battle of Salamis

Cheverus High School
Leam Swords

2nd Place Martin Luther

Cheverus High School
Samuel G. Cushing

1st Place Kent State Shootings Ellsworth High School
Chelsea Herrick

Senior Historical Paper

3rd Place Joan of Arc

Cheverus High School
Angie Fouquette

2nd Place From Creationism to Evolution: John T. Scopes Takes
A Stand Against the Status Quo

Bonny Eagle High School
Stacy Sullivan

1st Place Stephen Biko: Taking a Stand Against Apartheid
In South Africa
Bonny Eagle High School
James Hanley

2006 Special Recognition Awards

Overall School Winners (Presented by the Maine Council for Social Studies):

  Junior Division--Cape Elizabeth Middle School


Senior Division--Bonny Eagle High School


Best Use of Primary Sources (Certificates from the National Archives, New England Regional Office):


Peter Brigham:   Cape Elizabeth Middle School, Junior Individual Documentary,
"The Utopian Peach"


Samuel Turner and Frank Walter:   Brunswick Junior High School, Junior Exhibit,
"A War for Peace: Vietnam Protests on Maine Campuses"

  James Hanley: Bonny Eagle High School, Senior Historical Paper,
"Stephen Biko: Taking A Stand Against Apartheid In South Africa"

  Kathleen Wilber: Skowhegan Area High School, Senior Individual Documentary
"Declaration of a Conscience"

Relevance for Today Award
($50 cash, Maine State Archives):

  Eric Trumble: Bonny Eagle Middle School, Junior Historical Paper,
"The Struggle for The Protection of Free Speech: Taking a Stand Against
Book Banning and Burning"


James Hanley: Bonny Eagle High School, Senior Historical Paper,
"Stephen Biko: Taking A Stand Against Apartheid In South Africa"

Military History Award ($50 US Savings Bond, Maine Military History Museum):

  Christian Schneider: Brunswick Junior High School, Junior Individual Exhibit,
"Taking a Stand: The Seige of Masada"


Leam Swords: Chevrus High School, Senior Individual Exhibit, "The Battle of Salamis"

Maine Related Topic Award: (Maine history book from the Androscoggin Historical Society):

  Laureen Gowell and Mariel VanAtta: Bonny Eagle Middle School, Junior Group Exhibit,
"My Name is Samantha Smith"