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December 26, 2006
Contact: Jim Henderson, State Archivist

Maine State Archives "Catalog" Joining URSUS Library System

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is pleased to announce that selected holdings of the Maine State Archives are now described on URSUS, the shared catalog of the University of Maine System, Bangor Public Library, Maine State Archives, Maine State Library, Maine State Law and Legislative Reference Library.

Scholars, students and others seeking information on a research topic will locate the books available in the libraries above, plus detailed references to original documents on the same topic available for research at the State Archives.

Researchers will see the titles of record series (unique sets of records), the state agency that created or received them, a description of the records and their arrangement, the context in which the records were created, and conditions of access and reproduction.

For a listing of records available now, go to, select KEYWORDS; enter the search term Maine State Archives; replace "View Entire URSUS Catalog," with “Maine State Archives” and then select the SUBMIT button. These records are cross-referenced, using standard subject headings, with other entries (publications, special collections) in the URSUS system.

The descriptions contain background information on the agencies that created the records, such as the establishment of the early District Court system 1839-1852. Citations also contain links to one or more related Maine State Archives web pages.

The State Archives will continue to add to this great resource.